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Kerygma Youth Conference 2016 CHAMPIONS: The Red Team: PUMPED The team is composed of the Youth…
@Carrick_Academy 64-12 Wellington/Ayr.Black Conference U15 champions! We remain undefeated for whole school results! @colinT65 @Carrick_RFC
Pep Guardiola Full Pre-Match Press Conference – Barcelona v Manchester City –…
RT @KUngvarsky: 2016 BIG SKY CONFERENCE CHAMPIONS 💍🐾🏈 #goeags
#OULU, FINLAND - AUGUST 27: Fans of Karpat Oulu during the Champions Hockey League group…
RT @KUngvarsky: 2016 BIG SKY CONFERENCE CHAMPIONS 💍🐾🏈 #goeags
RT @__elgallo: Conference champions so we celebrate with #themannequinchallenge 😂
RT @CoachCherokee: 2016 Big Sky Conference Champions #GoEags!! #DenyTheSky Crew!