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Study Finds Professionally-Produced Video & User-Generated Videos Exhibit Synergy in Driving Sales....
Premium publishers 3x more effective in driving mid-funnel #brandmetrics
According to a 2016 @iabcanada/@comScore study, Atlantic Canadians are the least-likely to use ad-blockers. What do you think of them?
Study by @comScore shows Display and #videoads on DCN premium publisher sites
Recent @comScore study finds 78% of local @google searches resulted in an offline purchase. #WednesdayWisdom
New comScore study explored consumers’ willingness to download retail apps. Check out the findings here: @retailwire
ComScore Study - Marketing Power Of Podcasts Is Huge
+ #analytics comScore RT marketingdive: 52% of ad impressions happen post-purchase, PurchGroup, comScore study fin…
52% of ad impressions happen post-purchase, @PurchGroup, @comScore study finds:
.@ComScore study: tech media is #content king for tech consumers pre & post purchase -
52% of ad impressions happen post-purchase: @PurchGroup, @comScore Study