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I'm a computer expert and and here to solve all kinds of problem related to computer

My 2017 aesthetic is having makeup and politics up on my computer at the same time
RT @Talkin: Computer: *Needs to update* Me: This will only take a second Computer:
RT @Becauseofthem: Watch @JanelleMonae & @octaviaspencer salute Raye Montague, the 1st person to design a U.S. Navy ship using a compu…
Will there be #consciousness in #robots? to see the latest published #science for free
While Elena is napping, I'm sitting here on my computer stuck on my first sentence of my essay.. 😭
Best 5 Free Screen Recorder Software For Windows Computer #freescreenrecorder #windows #tutorial
I need to work on getting a new computer
SwingWarrior: Are you Looking for a Trading Computer? | | #DayTrading #Computer #Tech #Te
It would take a computer about 10 million years to crack my password!
@CanesBaseball Where can we watch the game on the computer in central Florida?
Found this: Retooling the future physician - A computer algorithm learning how to play StarCraft like a champ m...
@realDonaldTrump SUGGESTION: An ENTIRELY NEW phone & computer system in the White House; especially if new was inst…
@dmcdowe24131340 I am on my computer trying to go through them all and mute. Every time I do one, loads more responses pop up. It's mad!
RT @ValaAfshar: Both photos of the same place: 1957: 13 men deliver a computer 2017: 13 computers can be held with one hand
*takes picture of computer* hacker voice im in
Dontae playing & enjoying his game at my Computer.. play, home, family, best, kids, boy, learning: via
RT @CryptoKong: @YVNGTWILIGHT I chose a cosplay of the character, because computer graphics vs real woman bodies... not fair ;)
RT @owillis: computer, show me what a man looks like after the weight of the world have been taken off of his shoulders. comput…
@SparkleFountain Photoshop itself is fine. It's just my computer having issues.
#tvjobs @hits997 @extra921 seeks traffic director w/good customer service, computer, typing skills @ILBroadcasting
RT @Talkin: Computer: *Needs to update* Me: This will only take a second Computer: