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Verizon CEO apparently wants to buy a major cable company like Comcast via @Yahoo
#X1 XFINITY Sorry some think I'm a Comcast plant. Just a TV fan who feels 21st century techno...instead of surfing with old remote & 😱VCR
@SoaREthos lmao probably just another night with Comcast's internet tbh
Can't tell if I'm getting hit off by a really weak stresser or this is just another night with Comcast's "high-speed" Internet
@hotted89 This is one of the reasons i don't have Comcast anymore.
@hotted89 They put a cap at 1TB a month. If you pay like $50 more a month you get unlimited. Stupid Comcast
@gearhart_jeff Good morning. We were advised that this is now resolved. Can you confirm please? Thanks. -FL
@PriusCSGO @hotted89 I have to pay an extra $40 for "unlimited" data...Comcast lol
@hotted89 basically another way for comcast to get more $$ out of you without them doing anything
@hotted89 you have to pay an extra like $10-20 (not sure exact amount) to get unlimited data through xfinity/comcast. new as of last year :(
RT This #job might be a great fit for you: AGT COMCAST FREEDOM IP - #Makati, NCR #Hiring #CareerArc #phjobs
This #job might be a great fit for you: AGT COMCAST FREEDOM IP - #Makati, NCR #Hiring #CareerArc
@bluegrasshaze Millions of us HATE Comcast/Xfinity. Ripoff artists.
he could of let me borrowed that firestik for tonight 😒 , it aint shit to watch on comcast rn
@Mrs5oooWatts @Balvinsanity Comcast is probably shafting you but I'd recommend a Luxul router
My internet connection is incredibly inconsistent with upload speed @comcastcares #comcast #isp #nevergetwhatwepayfor
@FemSteph My Comcast just went down for 45 minutes. And I'm in Massachusetts. There must be some major outages.
@ChocolateThund9 @Balvinsanity why you sound like comcast support right now though?
#free man eating pussy super bowl comcast porn
RT @HNTitles: Comcast Declares War on General Computation (2011)
Stop the CABLE SQUEEZE! Don’t let Comcast and Time Warner Merge! January 18, 2017 at 02:00AM
Big fish swallowing up another fish as we move toward being the ultimate corporate society?