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@_supermarin In 18 months there were about 3 times during hard rains that we had a bad connection. I like not using Comcast.
@directvnow Comcast has better service. They at least respond.
RT @nick_zorn: Yo wtf comcast
Dear @comcast please contact @Blizzard_Ent so that I can get my comp rank back up in Overwatch since you messed up and had an outage. KTHX
@MartysHollow time to tell @ Comcast they're pieces of rit
Forbes Trailer: Tom Cruise's 'The Mummy' Could Launch New Cinematic Universe, If It's Any GoodForbesAs promised, Universal/Comcast Corp. d…
#Comcast Loses Just $5.50 Per Month When You Cut the Cord
Comcast Internet outage. Standard. Zzz
Nashville Moves to Dismiss Comcast’s Lawsuit Over Google Fiber
why we payin comcast like 200 a month for this bullshit
@comcast @comcastcares Get your shit together. I got a presentation tomorrow and I don't have time to deal with th…
#non nude model pictures comcast broadcasts porn during super bowl
Kerr tells Comcast SportsNet Bay Area he smoked pot for pain - SFGate.. Related Articles:
Nashville Moves to Dismiss Comcast Lawsuit Over Google Fiber
The FCC's cable box plan is doomed killed by att and comcast big money lobby
Tune in tonight for Chicago Bulls Charities Night - Comcast SportsNet Chicago
Celtics hold on for 107-106 victory over Sixers - Comcast SportsNet New England
RT @comcast: Learn how we’re changing the way people with disabilities get the most out of TV.
La plataforma @Cinepapaya da el gran salto y pasa a ser propiedad de @comcast @FandangoMedia @Wayra @WayraPe…
That 1am Comcast "service maintenance"
Comcast is having an outage in our lovely little area. YAY!! 🙄