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His character color is purple #TokiyaBOT
RT @PortalKatyPerry: Katy com atriz Cynthia Erivo no backstage do espetáculo The Color Purple. (30)
Like the color purple macaroni and cheese ruby red slippers and a bunch of trees
just picked up my color purple tickets :))
work outfit-purple w brown pants... Love the color of the cardigan, pants, belt and shoes... its jus
What lip color should I do.... red, dark purple, or nude??!
Baltimore Ravens #57 Mosley Stitched Color Rush Jersey Size XXL Color PURPLE -
Shebang! Red Blend - Gorgeous purple red color. Smokey plum aroma. Wonderful berry flavor with…
@todrick find @Kayasimoneeee!! If I know her like I think I know her, she's either gazing at the Hamilton theater or in The Color Purple
What color was the iconic jacket that Michael Jackson wore in his"Thriller" video? P. Purple Q. Silver R. Gold S. Red
@SchipperTaylor purple is the best color, doesn't matter if it's UNI or Ravens :P
Gorgeous purple red color. Smokey plu... Wine from Bedrock Wine Co. via @vivino app:
RT @tianmaciel: Is your red the same red I see or do I see purple but I call it red so we call different colors the same color? ○ Makeup beauty 12 color repair eye shadow disk purple butterfly
tbh im not a fan of the color purple but then here comes kim taehyung ruining everything and coming up with his own meaning of purple THANKS
RT @blueberrytae: "Armys we are all purple" "Purple is the last color of the rainbow. It means to believe and love each other for a…
@RAMrants But, I'm making Minion related gifts for people. since your fav color is yellow and Shane's is purple I wanted to send you one
I think Purple is my new favorite color 💜💜💜 Tae so sweet! 😘😊
"Mysteries of the world: why is the color purple green?" -little brother
Purple is now my favorite color
RT @katyspics: #VIDEO | @katyperry with a 'fan' last night at The Color Purple Musical on Broadway via @RezQMan
RT @PortalKatyPerry: Katy no espetáculo "The Color Purple'' em Nova Iorque. (30)
10 Grams Japan Import Glass Seed Beads Light Twisted Bugle Purple AB Color About 6mm x..
Just took a test for my color blindness and it told me that my eye can't tell differences between blues, greens, and purple. But added grey.
Smoke the color purple bitch that dat harpo