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@Nilandkiller88 😂😂 cold blooded
RT @GaryStLawrence: @brianstelter @W7VOA Clash of the Tiny-Handed, Cold-Blooded, Artificially Colored, Predatory Reptiles
"The X factor" that dude was cold blooded❄️
#1512 Im A Cold Blooded Mfer Grew Up On False Dreams and an Empty Stomach
RT @AnikoTevvit: Harry Mudd was annoying, but he was never malevolent. Not in the cold-blooded-murderer way, anyway. #StarTrekDiscovery
RT @_ReytedR: Just cause you live in the 804 it don’t make you a hitta cause the city cold blooded , let it be or shit can get wicked 💯💯
That mans cold blooded👀❄️
I'm sorry but being cold is worse than being hot. I stand by that opinion and I will not let you warm-blooded freaks sway me.
RT @ELLEmagazine: Dylan Sprouse Is a Cold-Blooded Psychopath in Terrifying New Trailer
So I keep it seems it go home and swelled and said: "I have fallen into your chickens before we aliens Cold-blooded nigga,
Told that bitch it’s a ice age to a cold blooded nigga like me
RT @buffnik: @RyanKoenigsberg @quintero_berto1 Cold blooded. 😂
@Michellednise1 Lol,cold blooded.😀
And i didnt mean cold blooded in an exaggeration of his evilness but because he is a lizard and they are literally, cold blooded
Vipin Sharma's cold blooded murder in broad day light in #Amritsar clear indication in #Punjab criminal roaming free @capt_amarinder #Failed
RT @clutchcity_c3: First time I really just watched baseball and understood what was going on the @Astros cold blooded! #worldseries #HoustonStrong💪🏽⚾️🔥
Cold blooded cold hearted
Also: cold blooded murderer of general population. Died in the jungle with no family, glamour or fanfare.
@DavidGarcia_909 @Matt_emm Cold blooded bro. I might just retire now
I liked a @YouTube video My Dear Cold-Blooded King - 90 Second Trailer