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A year ago, my ex sexually assaulted me while he was coked up at his mom's house in San Diego.
Yuh either loked out, smoked out, or coked out. Relax before u get choked out
When a worthless coked out drunk with a foul mouth and no job finds a girl who sticks up for of course he puts a ring on that.
The White House is a dumpster fire & #KellyAnneConway is clearly coked out. Media: please keep this liar off the air!! #NotMyPresident
Honestly Katy was probably too coked out to realize was she was saying
@therealroseanne who's hotter? Alex Jones or coked up Tom Arnold. Answer? Tom Arnold even though if he's a coked up Islamic pedophile
I liked a @YouTube video from @BlastphamousM ►COKED OUT ON METH AND BAD DECISIONS- Grand Theft Auto 5 Part
Up in the MGM coked up Sike
@d_seaman honestly say trump did let Russian hookers pee on him while he was coked out, still nowhere near the child trafficking ballpark🤔
The American hairless terrier is a coked up sphynx cat.
currently look like as if i'm coked out my head
Coked up Nova ad guy "I don't know. Just tell them to walk around and say stuff about Nova" #nova
Our last chancellor used to turn up coked off his face. Must be a political thing.
Chris over here taking bout how in my past lives I was a disco person and I fucked up my hip cause I was coked out
FYI everyone on that bus was coked up. #RHOBH
@shuggie116 @EtonOldBoys you're quick. Never thought of that but if he's as coked up as usual... lets have a go, Davo. Slide it in.
tfw ur estranged + coked out sister rings u up from the bail company and screams at u when u dont got 500 dollars this time
RT @andrewhewitt: Here's that coked out dude playing guitar and singing 10 minutes before being kicked out 👌👌👌👌
Also how the fuck can u complain about ur relationship when u got so coked out u punched ur boyfriend....
with a coked up queen who lives in 1010 and a well off sophisticated morehouse gay
I love how coked up Jax is during this uncomfortable awkard Stassi/Brittany conversation #pumprules
@3ssacal he looked like a coked out Aaron Carter
@joshtpm I was coked off my fuck would have been a better excuse @KyleKulinski