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Yo he just quoted Dave Chapelle doing Rick James "Cocaine is a hell of a drug" I'm dead lol. #livepd
i'm not on no romantic shit, but i'm cookin cocaine candle lit
Watching #LivePD and the cops you have cocaine on your nose and he said "nah this donuts" 😂😂
Officer-"You have cocaine on you're nose!" Criminal-"No I don't that's from the doughnuts." 😂😂😂😂😂 #LivePD
So you can get arrested for cocaine residue, and get a possession charge?
#LivePD cocaine is a hell of a drug
I know future fuckin heavy with the adderall and coCaine
Homie on live pd got cocaine residue on his nose he talmbout he just ate some doughnuts 😂😂😂💀 stop it!
RT @quixrick: #LivePD If it turns blue, it's probably cocaine!
@scsusan1516 Asked the Cop to wipe his nose, it wasn't Cocaine, it was powdered sugar from a "donut". WRONG. #LivePD
RT @AlexisGZall: I meannnnn I've never heard a cocaine SUCCESS story
Hahaha! That's "not cocaine on my nose, that's donuts!" #LivePD
I hate cocaine....... I just like the smell of it #livepd
"I don't do's donuts!" #LivePD
Your nose tested positive for cocaine, so we're going to arrest it. #LivePD
Cocaine is a helluva drug. #LivePD
That's not cocaine on his nose. It's from a powdered jelly doughnut. He's addicted to Dunkin Donuts. #LivePD
RT @Jaysofunny: 27 years y'all. Y'all out here telling people to "become citizens" like you get it in 3-5 business days.
#LivePD "cocaine is a hell of a drug"
RT @Doogi_: Gaga talking about her drug use when she was 19, and what she thinks about cocaine now.
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RT @JKantrowitz: The dude's chewing on his cocaine straw while he's being arrested? That is a first. #LivePD