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Cuando me da sueño pero tengo que seguir codeando un rato pongo Mundian to Bach Ke y Cocaine Blues en loop, como tachas para mis oídos.
RT @Swamy39: Tamil Nadu is an ancient culture with a tradition of learning and valour. This vulgar Eli Naxal cocaine Porukkis liars are a disgrace
Parents Warn THIS Drug For Kids Has Similar Effects To COCAINE. Do Not Let Them Take It
RT @TrapHouseHitler: Cocaine so white it hunts endangered animals for sport
1) cocaine 2) casual sex 3) cheese balls
RT @Edinorog_Frenk: 🐶 гав-гав 🐱 мяу-мяу 🐷 хрю-хрю 🐔 champagne, cocaine, gasoline and most things in between
Cocaine Mushrooms Ecstasy G.H.B Marijuana she can suck it if she wanna
RT @FrTedQOTD: "I'm fine for cake, thanks Mrs. Doyle." "Are you sure, Father? There's cocaine in them."
RT @KHOU: Medical examiner: Loncar died of 'toxic effect of cocaine'
RT @MaxMStein: 95. "you sell crack cocaine?"
01-20 Prince broke all the rules about what black American men should be #prince #prince
65 Year Old Grandma Busted With 100 Kilos Of Cocaine
Donald Trump hosted parties with cocaine and teen models: report
🎶If you wanna hang out, you gotta take her out. Cocaine.🎶
RT @KeilynMeraz: Take a broke niggas bitch