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Un playlist de @CobraStarship para recordar viejos tiempos. Vamos por "Good Girls Go Bad".
I've forgotten how good of a song Pleasure Ryland is @CobraStarship
I will never, in my life, ever see another artist/band live as much as I've seen @CobraStarship 😂😂😂
@GaiaPaia As @ElisaJordana valiantly dodges her Life Full of Failures (@CobraStarship @sternshow), one wishes her godspeed. @marieclaire
"Good Girls Go Bad" Cobra Starship Feat.Leighton Meester #nowplaying #afn #TOKYO #CobraStarship
RT @aly_av24: I still wish I had my #CobraStarship hoodies from high school 🐍
i exclusively listened to @AllTimeLow's nothing personal and @CobraStarship's hot mess in august 2009 and that really wasn't that long ago 💿
Listen. @CobraStarship missed an opportunity when they didn't write a song about loving fat girls. Shit would have been a bop.
Plain and simple #cobrasneverdie. I'll still get my hot mess tattoo at some point. @CobraStarship
minha vida inteira eu achei q qm tivesse feito aquele feat cm o cobrastarship tinha sido a serena mas foi a blair minha vida foi uma mentira
cópia da @CobraStarship Gabe muito mais sexy AMO QUE SHOW FIQUEI LOUCO
@fueledbydana @CobraStarship @GabrielSaporta @tacobell @AlexAllTimeLow & @bohnes came out for Snakes on a Plane. It was "lit" as they say
@fueledbydana @CobraStarship @GabrielSaporta and it was sponsored by @tacobell and people were handing out FREE tacos. Hashtag blessed
One time I went to a @CobraStarship VMA pre party and @GabrielSaporta yelled at someone for not throwing their fangs up and it was the best
Listen to Never Been In Love (feat. Icona Pop) by CobraStarship #np on #SoundCloud
She's dancing with the stars, living in the sky with diamonds. #cobrastarship #oldiebutgoodie @CobraStarship