Whenever Nev explains the #Catfish investigation process the carfishee acts like they don't know how computer Google searches work.
Watch a computer beat one of the world's best 'Super Smash Bros.' players: Pretty soon, there won't be a.. #tech
Watch a computer beat one of the world's best 'Super Smash Bros.' players: Pretty soon, there won't be a.. #tech
@billfeher use your computer and look up OPEC. then go get your high school degree
RT @lovelucyford: Mona Lisa / computer disks on canvas
RT @DumbPeopleAsf: Hulk Hogan is trapped in my computer
RT @lukerosiak: Wasserman Schultz' IT guy is suspect in criminal probe and took $100k from a Hezbellah-linked fugitive @DailyCaller
Described @JoshMBlackman 's computer monitor setup in yet another meeting today
@mega_meoww hahah oh my god. I'll have to look on my computer and send you them I know I have some of those old pictures still!
RT @RobertDean18: Someone got on my computer and made it so every time i wrote the word "the" in changed it to "the penis". I hate my…
Flip through the Avon brochure & shop your favorites right from your computer or phone! #AvonRep
RT @DPRK_News: "Twitter" is US manufacturer of computer program which allows thousands to join criticism sessions against those accused of improper thought
Cool. Brain-to-computer flow: Implants enable richer communication for people with paralysis
okay guess I'm gonna waste more money on a bluetooth connector for my computer now
Glossary computer security threats
Tech: Four (4) Great Ways To Maintain A Healthy And Safe Computer -
I have been in Computer Science as an engineer since 1988. I have always been the only woman on any team. @ScienceMarchDC #ScienceMarch
Computer gaming chairs: give me the best suggestions!
OFFER: Computer Music cover disks (Whalley Range M16)
RT @RinTheYordle: ..oh my God oh my God don't panic so that panic don't panic my computer won't turn on why why no power what is going on
I'm a computer technology enthusiast but I just can't jump on the Ryzen hype train when their track record has been so bad for 5+ years.
@frankiesaxx @TetZoo AGREED. And the art is all analog (watercolour) - computer only used for touchups & small spec…
Ransomware 'customer support' chat reveals criminals' ruthlessness #tech #computer
CBS news featured the "Glory Hole" (not "morning Glory") this morning. The computer graphics they include give a...