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RT @ARTISTstacy: Pls change ur user pic to one of President Obama, both to honor him & to piss off the Orange Rodeo Clown Redneck, AKA @realDonaldTrump .
RT @hmalik__: This don is hating on Anthony Joshua for praying at a mosque. He spent £70 on a Pogba shirt but does this clown kno…
@seanhannity @IngrahamAngle It's not a meltdown, it's utter disbelief people like you try to make this look normal!!, your a clown!!
Females stay talking about "niggas aint shit" while they homie hopping between 5 different niggas and none of them claim em lol your a clown
Sinister Jester’s Fool Psycho Clown Halloween Costume Outfit Adult Men
RT @ScottErnst0331: POLL: Will you watch #LadyGaga's #Superbowl halftime clown show? #NFL #Trump #MAGA #GOP
Refuse to tell my business to you clowns.
En realidad si hoy tengo ganas de ir a clase es porque vamos a ir a ver la muestra de clown de los de 3° y me apetece reírme la verdad.
心に掛かる虹はつかの間でも のとこで泣いた
@Nikisphere @ApophisDiscord You forgot to use a lower case "g" ;)🙃 you clown🤡
RT @craigbaileyoff1: Sam Bailey sings Clown by Emeli Sande - The X Factor 2013 do you think Sam should sing this on her tour I 🤔so😄
RT @AntiochTweets: If clowns start appearing in the Bay Area
"You hang out with clowns and wonder why your life is a circus"
RT @NeilMackay: If I had to announce Brexit disaster policy I'd likely pick to do it a few days before the global clown rodeo of the Trump inauguration too
El clown me pega fuerte, qué ganas de volver a ser chiquita
Clowns say world needs laughter in Trump era -
@YTthanx4pLAyin so u want D Lo, Randle and Ingram to look up to these clowns? U do understand these our the vets
RT @Michael____C: What's your plan @realDonaldTrump? Oh wait, you're completely unprepared as usual. #weseeyoudonald #presidentreject…
RT @Pollytics: In a shocking development, Hanson and her clown car are shit talking shysters, pretending they're the center of the universe <S9 E13>
@SenMarkChelgren what ever happens to less govt intervention. You clown.