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The Lumineers dedicating Big Parade to Hilary Clinton is what it's all about
@Freudstein2016 in the book @nick_clegg keeps referring to "normal people". Who are these normal people? Where do I meet them?
Karpernick is really pushing the limits. Money has gone to his head.
@nick_clegg @SocialMobilityF Can border force remove this traitor from U.K. Soil ASAP.
I wanna go out in Burnley again purely so I can revisit that PENGALENGADINGDONG takeaway round the corner from Macs
could we use some of that to send tory trashers to school? Pls? @solange_lebourg @Scientists4EU @andymoz78
RT @Change_Britain: Retweet if you believe @nick_clegg should #RespectTheResult of the EU Referendum
@nick_clegg @SocialMobilityF Division between rich and poor widens under Labour .
1st social mobility employer index published nxt yr by @SocialMobilityF Talent must be accessed from all backgrounds
RT @jeremycorbyn: The Government's overseeing a chaotic Brexit. Britain needs a plan - Labour would put jobs, living standards and th…
RT @TheTaskForce: Happy Asexual Awareness Week! A good read: Debunking 5 Common Myths About #Asexuality via @evrydayfeminism #aceweek
RT @symeonbrown: So what does guilt look like then? I wonder if we can guess.
RT @LGBTfdn: The BBC is crowdsourcing photos, film, posters & more to explore LGBT+ life in Britain 1967-2016. Share what you have:
From Archives: Conversation with craftsman @FrankClegg & why big manufacturing isn’t likely to come back to the US.
RT @ABbritabroad: Britain must not abandon its role fighting terrorism in Europe, says @LibDems' Nick Clegg (via @Guardian) #Brexit
RT @_scarletandrews: What do people get out of being sly?? Why not just be honest 🤔
@ChrisC_CFC I actually don't think the first Cameron gov was that bad, and I think that was primarily to the influence of Clegg and Cable
RT @faisalislam: Corbyn: world is concluding that Britain hasnt got a clue... not soft or hard Brexit but chaotic Brexit