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RT @PleinTracy: @EntheosShines @Botincy OMG and they are worried about Trump. Clean your own house you Dems and rid of the pedi files you have on your side!
RT @betorivera12345: I feel so disrespectful at restaurants where you leave the trays of food on the table and they pick it up like please let me clean my mess.
RT @mycroft_ai: Fleet Managers and the Internet of Things: What Does It Mean for You? | Fleet Clean #IoT
RT @ProfPCDoherty: Worth spending the money & taking time, but still a remote possibility. A Dream of Clean Energy at a Very High Price
I was gonna smash the state, but then UBI we wda started over from a clean slate, but then UBI now we lining up for foodstamps+we know why..
RT @robyndobby: Gender roles don't bother me. You damn right he'll come home to a hot meal & clean house. If you disagree you are probably lazy &can't cook.
RT @BlakeTyner99: @shortyjetten86 @CNN Sweet! I only need a million. The rest I'll devote to getting Flint some clean water.
RT @igabrielmathis: Everytime I try to clean I make a bigger mess
Slow jams flowing thru the house while I clean #peaceofmind
RT @Lrihendry: It took Democrats 8 years to completely ruin healthcare in America and they expect Republicans to clean up THEIR me…
via @NPR: Proposed Budget Cuts Slash Funding For Great Lakes Clean-Up
I added a video to a @YouTube playlist Kyle ~ Ispy ft. LiL Yachty (BEST CLEAN EDIT)
Karena panggilan tiba2 ke Makassar itu… ♫ Rockabye by Clean Bandit (at Kompleks Rumah Jabatan Bupati Jeneponto) —
@dd_dellito dah selesai basuh dah tu dila. Tibggal nak dry clean je tu
@AngelaMHart1 Oh no. I'll send an intern right over to clean it up.
RT @gtoprise: Throw back to GD and Daesung on Clean and Clear parody, they were so cuteee 😭
RT @ItsClaraCullen: #DIY #Tip ! Use lemon to clean those stained bits around the shower!
RT @TheDemocrats: Trump wants to dismantle the Obama Clean Power Plan, which restricts greenhouse gas emissions for coal-fired plants.
RT @igabrielmathis: Everytime I try to clean I make a bigger mess
RT @LLynn_J: This is my type of prewedding shoot. So clean. No elements or extras. Just clean.... But owo NI Koko lol