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RT @isabelaseraffim: Why do people think it's okay to make memories with you and then exit your life like it never happened
💍👌 Whos cuming to watch me on camera right now? ► Add my snapchat in my profile! #nsfw #porno #analsex #hotbabe 😊😀
Emilia Clarke at a Colette store in Paris, October 2015 #EmiliaClarke
RT @simmuc: Osborne Clarke rolls out first-time automation and R&D budget for tech innovation via @chillmedia
Women dominate as Maxine Beneba Clarke is shortlisted for two Vic Premier's Literary Awards via @smh
RT @ProfRayGrant: #Cops said it was #drug $ & used a law enforcement tool known as #civilassetforfeiture to justify taking the cash.
RT @alyciadcgifs: Remember Clexa - when Clarke held a knife to Lexa's throat and Lexa could've easily disarm her but all she said was…
RT @becauseofstiles: bellamy blake + clarke griffin || the 100 → "looking to you, princess."
RT @CNN: Discarded plastic is in our food chain - eating shellfish could expose you to 11,000 bits of micro-plastic each yea…
RT @ggreenwald: If you think this headline is an exaggeration, scroll through his Twitter feed: (h/t @Bmaz)
Casually checking out Clarke's ass as she walks away 😏😉 Who wouldn't?
Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. -- Arthur Clarke
RT @EmiliaClarkeTM: 📅 Thread: Emilia Clarke en 2016. 🎀
RT @RockystyleGrl: Will truly b missed, they're like bestfriends!!😭😍
RT @CraigLeeHoy: When your girl wants to play fight and you're not in the mood
RT @lonniiiii: When people tell me all I shoot is pretty , skinny girls... Me :
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RT @50shadesofBria: Time to start reevaluating some people in my life and definitely time to start focusing on myself, Good morning on that note 🌞❤️
If you in the Clarke come too gold diggers & see my bad ass 😊👌🏾💸
@kennnaaa___ OH MY GOD I LOVE THAT SHOW. Yas Clarke is my everything
RT @cayjooo: This is how good of a friend I am
¿ustedes también confunden a Emilia Clarke con Alicia Vikander? O soy el único subnormal