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RT @Variety: Emmy Awards: Bryan Cranston, Claire Danes, Amy Poehler Set as Presenters
RT @crazylifefacts_: Claire Danes's dress slayed my entire life ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜
RT @crazylifefacts_: Claire Danes's dress slayed my entire life ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜
Isa pong Peter Quinn-mustard gas question, plox. Mag-aalay ako ng isang cryface Claire Danes para lumabas 'to.
Oh hello Claire Danes from 1996! How long, do you estimate, until the best party/show ever? Tix:โ€ฆ
@azizansari You made out with Claire Danes! We lived the dream just now!
Tbh I started looking at Claire Danesโ€™ red carpet looks halfway through the episode. They need to do better. #FindingPrinceCharming
@miriamlgonzalez @252ensign @SHO_Homeland Claire Danes is fantastic. Mandy Patikin too.
@miriamlgonzalez so much to catch up on. Claire Danes is so good.
Just recognized Claire Danes on this TV show and I didn't even know that I knew what Claire Danes looked like.
Claire Danes Vogue photo shoot in 1997
#Emmys โ€˜My So-Called Lifeโ€™ proves that Claire Danes was awesome even before Carrie Mathison walked in
Terminator 3 on cable. Hilarious movie. Claire Danes tries, but Nick Stahl is the world's worst actor.
Porรฉm vida que segue. Lembrando que Claire Danes tbm ta concorrendo o que torna tudo muito mais lindo
My article on BlastingNews on Claire Danes as host of PBS Art21 series
Claire Danes to debut as host for Art21โ€™s #tv series on PBS
Claire Danes to debut as host for Art21โ€™s TV series onย PBS
90s broody Leo making out with bb Claire Danes in a pool, may just be to much for my heeaaart.
Just finished season 1 of #Homeland and holy shittttt. I love Claire Danes sfm. Forever Angela โค๏ธ
Oh so when is @SHO_Homeland coming back?! I need my Claire Danes fix.
quando olho essa foto sรณ lembro de claire danes
Melissa Benoist looks just like Claire Danes without the 30 years of stress face