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RT @KawiiLeonard345: @The_6ix_man CJ miles for Trevor Ariza and they trade Josh Jackson for Frank Nitlikina
@The_6ix_man CJ miles for Trevor Ariza and they trade Josh Jackson for Frank Nitlikina
@TheYBF Who should raptors pick up b4 deadline? Jeremy Lin , Rodney Hood, Derrick Rose, Cory Joseph, Nik Stauskas,… https://t.co/OEHfWSwUPy
15’ Grad CJ Miles (@CjMiles11 ) with 22 points to lead Roanoke College to another win! https://t.co/HmayHCg0Bq
For all the talk about CJ Miles' struggles shooting this year, I want to bring this up again. During the stretch wh… https://t.co/YD8N8w4qiL
Old Man Lowry been in the league for 12 years he’s peaked. CJ Miles too. https://t.co/kMtAEjybow
RT @Eric__Smith: CJ Miles on the "Goldberg"... "33" mighty ducks Jersey
when I saw Dwane Casey put CJ Miles on Kevin Love down 1-0 https://t.co/r53JZXmhWg
@FunkyDiabetic1 CJ Miles has to go, too inconsistent for this team.
CJ Miles really shooting 27.5% from 3 and 32.0% from the field thru 20 games. So ugly. 11th on the team in 3 %
@timandsid @MadeForMen The CJ Miles Go Daddy commercial!!!!
CJ Miles on the "Goldberg"... "33" mighty ducks Jersey
@J_Rueb15 CJ Miles would have done better 🐐
Toronto Raptors beat the Philadelphia 76ers 113 to 102, Kawhi Leonard scores 36 points to lead the Raptors while CJ… https://t.co/lbpkf8R6Kt
@yoda Totally. Lowry and Kawhi are obvs fantastic, but their role/reserves are SO solid. Siakim and Ibaka look ener… https://t.co/PcfUUieJbM
How is CJ Miles always in a 5-19 slump?
@BeSmoove7 @WorldWideWob But yeah I think that commercial is the whole reason the topic came up. Either that or the… https://t.co/eFynNnfNik
@raptorsrapture What does CJ miles do again?
Can be shooting 28% from 3 point land and be considered the team 3 point specialist. C'mon CJ Miles! Give me a reason to buy CJ's pjs!
RT @Swizziee: CJ Miles has the same points as his jersey.
I can’t stand Cj miles man 😩😂 idk why lol
@loung_s Now if they could just keep CJ Miles off the floor.....