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I do not understand that given the success the Raptors have had moving to a ball-movement offence, why they insist… https://t.co/qznHSJ02Tv
@spurs Davis, Klay and CJ Miles are my favorite shooters when it comes to release form.
RT @yahyatwo: I still can't get over CJ Miles thinking he could splash that 3 over Kevin Durant. that's a special kind of stupid
Let's not forget CJ Miles missed 2 out of 3 free throws that would of gave the Raptors the lead.... that was heartbreaking. @masfresco
@sportsnews1235 @Luca_LaPorta @BdairAhmed No Lowry and we can back down by 27. We ain't no Golden State, but we des… https://t.co/vZs5efjQ6X
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Atualização: São quase 7:00 e eu ainda to puto cm o CJ Miles
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@LeoRautins @Raptors CJ miles lost that game for them. Such a terrible decision maker. His 3 point shooting is over… https://t.co/Kffe6GPOu8
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Davis Bertans. Klay Thompson. CJ Miles. Those three are my favorite jumpshot forms. So wet 💦 https://t.co/bZ8Q7mVlK1
2:30 da manhã e eu ainda to puto cm o CJ Miles
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RT @IamHarshDave: cj miles baby monitor pops off and he just takes his mouth guard out and uses it as a pacifier
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Close game guys but Golden State take the W. We were down 27 at the half and made a HUGE comeback. CJ Miles Bricks… https://t.co/L2GWnS4Sh6
I was telling everyone the Wolves should go after CJ Miles at all costs and now look . He's hitting huge shots down… https://t.co/o3MZSoFJF9