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全くパンないし! (@ CISCO THE BAKERY)
Cisco been acting like a bitch these past few episodes
Damn that battle between Cisco and Kaitlyn though
i love cisco i love his long hair i love that hes emotional i love that he cries a lot &cares so much i just want ppl to appreciate him more
Acordei com um cisco no olho e eu to agoniada pq não sai e eu quero dormir so queria dizer isso mesmo obg
#Legends Cisco giving her this feels really close to Robin giving every day Titan communicators let me nerd in PEACE
‘The Flash’ Season Schedule three Spoilers revealings: Has Cisco Really Forgiven Barry For…
Does Cisco's vibing protect him from the side effects of time travel? 🤔 #LegendsofTomorrow #DCcrossover
mas acredito q depois desse ep ele volte a ser o cisco q eu conheço e adoro
Does anyone but Frank
RT @stripperhoe: If I tell you how I feel and you try to make it seem like we're arguing I won't ever tell you how I feel again
deixaram a felicity chatinha na s3 de arrow e agora estão deixando o cisco chatinho na s3 de flash reflitam
RT @lizcentoni: Review: Cisco Hyperflex Lets Businesses Deploy Virtual Infrastructure in Hours #CiscoHX
@vizerovi ofc, who doesnt love cisco and felicity
Flushed settlement cisco 10g sfp+ modules under ingellen: GlZKlod
RT @JimSideras: Jeremey Gibbons and Cisco from @RapidCityFire their serve was very valuable @SiouxFallsFire @cnnbrk
He visto mejores conflictos interpersonales en 2 mujeres, 1 camino que los berrinches de Cisco y Oliver.
RT @4evapanabaked: Im not angry that Caitlin didnt get screentime. Im angry that Cisco did and she got far less when they are on the same level as characters