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Still need someone to go to circa survive and turnover w me on Valentine's day💛 Hmu pls We can be lil bitches and cry together.
Juturna by Circa Survive is a very influential album in my life.
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can't sleep worth shit. probably because i have all the lights on and am blasting circa survive. oh well
How could I ever forget how much I love circa survive
Also, I'm excited for Iration this Friday, Rebelution and Circa Survive in February, and the xx in April. So many good concerts 😭
Me: I just saw someone with a Circa Survive tattoo! N: "Is he cute?" Me: Oh, I dunno. I just saw the tattoo and swiped right 😅
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I liked a @YouTube video Frozen Creek - Circa Survive (lyrics)
Guys, I'm going to see Atmosphere on the 18th and then Circa Survive in February. I'm so hyped.
RT @Bromargalaviz: Circa Survive for days.
Circa Survive for days.
Over here counting down the days to circa survive, vegas and opening day
@thirstykirstie4 they're playing w Circa Survive at the Warfield on 2/20
I might go to @circasurvive at The Fillmore in Philadelphia, P...
@zack_hamel9 I don't even like circa survive I can't handle the Whiney
@Bob2D2 they're opening for Circa Survive at the Warfield!
PSA: I'm so excited to see Circa Survive next month. Ok, goodnight ✌🏼
#NowPlaying The Greatest Lie by Circa Survive ♫
2 Goals for this year birthday 1: Seeing circa survive ✔ March 5th! Hotel is booked! 2: Seeing Adventure Club again! (In the works) 🙏❤
I might go to @circasurvive at Revolution in Fort Lauderdale, ...
I might go to @circasurvive at HOUSE OF BLUES in Orlando, FL -...