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@R_galaxy_cipher Soul: im going to look around see if I can find out where she is
@officialdeezell Your beard haven’t connect yet! 20++🤔
@dinoking456 “I have no clue... she can’t teleport anyone so.. I don’t know..”
@R_galaxy_cipher *meanwhile with soul* Soul: gods where is flora she should be back by now
@cipher_16 堪能します!でも色々心配、下の子が。
@dinoking456 She clenches her fists. “She won’t fall for it!”
@cute__iroha_ えぇ、声かけるつもりよ。 でもそれは私だけじゃなくお互いにね?
@R_galaxy_cipher Empress soul: she's not like Rebecca she's weak and dumb so yeah she will well see you later flora I assume
@AliVelshi Mike Pence is a religio-fascist cipher with treason-enabling overtones.
RT @jillboard: I decoded Taylor Swift’s butterfly mural in yet another fugue state—and newsflash, it’s a Kaylor cipher. Please rea…
@R_galaxy_cipher Empress soul: unfortunately all I have to do is change my clothes and replace the other me and Becca will follow me here
@Sino_cipher ありがとうございまーす♪ えっと~じゃあ…シノンさん!よろしくです…♪ たくさんお話できたら嬉しいです!見かけたら気軽に話しかけてくださいね~♪
@R_galaxy_cipher * soon empress soul grabbed and threw her in a cage* Empress soul: your part of this false time line
>:3cc !!!! ー Name: Chi Codename: Cipher Characteristics Hair Length: Long Hair Style: Wavy Hair Color: Ruby Heig…
RT @theprinceofiris: It's not pictured, but Intsys says they'll be adding Alfonse's Fólkvangr as a weapon replica you can pose and take…
@dinoking456 Flora could only guess that a war was coming, she took a step back and looks around.
@R_galaxy_cipher *the woman stayed in the shadows hiding her face* ???: Rebbeca I need you to accompany Dawn and f…
هله شباب تو سطرت نفسي عشان اقتل نامسه وك*سمها ما ماتت
@dinoking456 Flora stayed hidden and listened, her eyes narrowing.