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Brother walks into my room and sees 4 packs of cigarettes. He knows I don't even smoke that much and he's wondering why I have this many
RT @colewhite755: "You smell like cigarettes" "Nah its weed i promise"
RT @KianaFenty: Bitch smoke cigarettes if you not gonna inhale. 👋🏽 This just pissed me off. 🤦🏽‍♀️
RT @sho0126ja_dds: 去年CMにも出演させて頂きノラガミの主題歌も歌っているTHE ORAL CIGARETTESさんが観劇に来てくれました! 本当に幸せです! NEWアルバム「UNOFFICIAL」最高に格好良いので是非聴いてください! #ノラガミ…
Cigarettes and Cush is dead lool.
I had a nigga lie about smoking cigarettes, of course about females, even had one lie about having diabetes.
E-Cigarettes May Not Be As Safe As You Think...
E-Cigarettes May Not Be As Safe As You Think...
E-Cigarettes May Not Be As Safe As You Think...
Feeling that drunk pain and the cigarettes ain't helpin
But then I just get my cigarettes and leave lol pusssyyyyy
RT @SeanCaren: Kasich's array of proposed tax moves, including higher taxes on cigarettes and vaping products, alcoholic ...
RT @nopoweradeinusa: live every day with the confidence of a 15 year old asking strangers for cigarettes at the train station
RT @Onikastease: People who smoke cigarettes .. that's such a turn off
RT @MisterHeartz: ใครว่าเราผมกับต้าร้องเพลงเพราะมั่งครับ เพราะเราผมว่ามันเพราะมากเลย @CigaretteS_Kla
Cigarettes are gross
RT @Astral_OG: Please stop smoking cigarettes. Thank you.
RT @jayylindsayy: Shameless just makes me want to do illegal shit, smoke a lot of cigarettes, and have a lot of sex
RT @rejection: your lips were like cigarettes and I got addicted. but the ashes burned out, like i had predicted.
When someone who gave you so much shit about cigarettes starts smoking them 😂😂
@_coffee_eyes something about cigarettes and A E S T H E T I C S im sure
RT @Clive_Bates: Outstanding briefing on vaping, e-cigs and public policy > < no-bullshit experts at work @BradRodu + @HeartlandInst