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chum bucket: enby. krusty krab: celebs. slsd
@PaulMarcusRadio Ah, but there was something special about those little cakes. I double sieved the flour to see wha…
Une chum c’est une chum - la filière radio-canadienne
RT @MinYori_twt: 🐯 Ôi 2 chùm í thật là cute qớ đi hà 😍 #KCAMexico #ARMY @BTS_twt
@seanhannity Oh...Strzok? Hmmm...That pesky Left...They will throw some chum in the water, see how much it takes t…
RT @Matthew_Wright: For the many not for few - lovely to meet ⁦@jeremycorbyn⁩ and talk Brexit, Sugar, racism, exercise and a whole lot…
@FactsVsOpinion Sorry chum, facts of chemistry do not take a day off. Are their lies & the occasional exception? Su…
Wanna be my friend? Or my chum?
@ako_chum 今よしぴの見てびっくりしたぁ❗❗ いつの間にぃーー
the chum bucket side is TOO. REAL.
RT @Chl0eebaker: i’m sorry but elephants alone are a sign of good luck and it’s a mf strawberry... that’s a retweet from me sir
@JACQUESGRGOIRE Bonne fête Jonathan de la part d’un vieux chum de Shawinigan
@FOXlightMichael Actually a New York Democrat out for a swim...they seem to think there is chum in political waters these days.
@njdotcom Not Trump's policy Bruce. Maybe check with your old chum Obama or Bill and ask them about it.
RT @macalvarado8oh5: Twitter do your thang and prove them wrong ...
@TheVoiceSimon @RDSca Haha très beau plan mais je doute que tout ça puisse fonctionner malheureusement! Carlson va…
Tu peux parler honnêtement de ces choses avec lui?...:P
RT @HousingITguy: Do you see the information wood, for the data trees chum? #ukhousing #socialhousing
@cookie_vix Come on chum💪🏻I believe in you and I’m so proud!💞
C est ton chum Obama qui a commencé ça en passant...
RT @MinYori_twt: 🐯 Ôi 2 chùm í thật là cute qớ đi hà 😍 #KCAMexico #ARMY @BTS_twt