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@AskAmex only Firefox Chrome and Safari :-) yes
@Mapbox tested on chrome and safari.
@CTCTHelp I had tried on both Chrome and Safari. However, the issue seems to have gone away. Thank you!
@UbisoftCareers I've tried on both Chrome and Safari
@Danzie78 @PorthcawlRNLI afraid only have chrome and safari available at the mo :( will look later #proudofourcrowd
I think ill be ditching Google Chrome and Safari for @firefox on OSX
@metoffice website isn't rendering properly for me - have tried on chrome and safari on Mac OS 10.11.2
@JaredKMueller was getting "error could not fetch forum information" just cleared up. Happened on chrome and safari, seems ok now. Thanks
From top to bottom, Firefox, Chrome and Safari displaying |border: 8mm dotted black|. Ahem.
@ProtonMail I have tried using chrome and safari from my iPhone without luck using broadband connection, 3G works
@SymbalooEDU having issues loading your site on Chrome and Safari
@DAVIDsTEA I tried Firefox, chrome, and safari. iPhone and laptop. I don't think it has anything to do with it.
@HGSupport What is going on? Tried firefox, chrome and safari. No difference. Any other way to open a ticket?
@CricCrazyNIKS yep, and also Firebox as well as Chrome and Safari but still just get a blank page :( @BBL
@davatron5000 Actually it isn't loading on any article. Tried Chrome and Safari. Both without any blockers.
@talkgg I can't hear my teammates at all, I have tried Chrome and Safari
Just found out that FireFox now supports 60fps YouTube videos. Nice to see it finally catch up to Chrome and Safari.
@thingiverse getting server 500 error when attempting to add new thing. tried Chrome and Safari. Rebooted even. Your end?
@Patreon cannot register nor login via web page on both Chrome and Safari, Access-Control-Allow-Origin missing.
@BootsHelp no tried chrome and safari. Cookies cleared.
@OfficialPLT_CS I've tried chrome and safari and still nothing x
@AmazonHelp Yes and it bounced on both Chrome and Safari to 'website not found'. On two computers. As mentioned already on this thread!!
@AmazonHelp Had server connection issues on both Chrome and Safari for about 10 mins too... ringing alarm bells for me. Heading to @eBay
@AmazonHelp yes - both Chrome and Safari - asking for both card info (which is fine) but bank info as well (which is totally NOT fine).
@TMobileHelp is the site down? why doesn't "submit order" submit the order? i've tried two browsers, chrome and safari.