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It's eventually going to get to the point where Christoph Waltz is going to be called a nazi simply because he played one in a movie.
Welkom bij het spel “Christoph Waltz of Jort Kelder?”
@Christoph_Waltz I don't know . . . Two and a Half Men, perhaps a shared award for worst ever.
RT @JerrySeinfeld: New! Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee. Christoph Waltz. An elegant refined man. Join us at IHOP. @Acura!
After spending the evening at my sister's house, I have realized that Two Broke Girls is the single worst tv show ever created...
Ralph Fiennes fez um excelente trabalho porém penso que Christoph Waltz também poderia ter participado *-*!
chateada que o christoph waltz teve a chance de interpretar freud e simplesmente nao aceitou o papel :)))
mano nunca vi um ator atuar tao bem igual o christoph waltz como pode um atorzao da porra desses bicho
"Now with a little self-confidence that comes with the grey beard, I just flatly refuse." — Christoph Waltz
Man Christoph Waltz is amazing
Big Eyes (2014) Amy Adams -Christoph Waltz
@_cdlum i swore it was Christoph Waltz in the trailer haha
RT @mary_annunziata: What kind of dentist do I want to be? Christoph Waltz in Django.
RT @ConnorSouthard: *Christoph Waltz in Nazi regalia sadistically interrogating you* Beyoncé... Professor?
*Christoph Waltz in Nazi regalia sadistically interrogating you* Beyoncé... Professor?
@BlakeBrodar as long as Christoph Waltz has a lead role
@CaraCori Marco Giallini - Favino - Alessandro Gassman. Christoph Waltz - Pierce Brosnan - Al Pacino. Mi piacciono vecchi
Polar opposite Friday this week... Jammies on... And some of my man Christoph Waltz in The Zero Theorem playing…
RT @Patrick_Reuman: Have you checked out my FREE sample of horror stories? I want you to try me out before jumping on the boat. ----->>
Starring Christoph Waltz. Yes! #Spectre