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UUP chief Nesbitt says Brexit will cut Northern Ireland off from rest of UK: says UUP chief Nesbitt: The UK will…
@fleurrbie you should catch the Missing don't know if you saw first series with James Nesbitt .... cracking storyline😊
RT @onlxn: RYAN: My #BetterWay would-- TRUMP: --be as bad as my wall, just boring-er! RYAN: TRUMP: Ayn Rand's for BABIES. You know that, right, Paul?
RT @onlxn: RYAN: You don't get-- TRUMP: Look, you wanna cut my taxes & hurt poor people? I think that's terrific & hilarious, respectively. Still: DUMB
RT @onlxn: RYAN: If I can just cut taxes and shrink the safety net-- TRUMP: OK, I obviously don't know anything, but you know that stuff's dumb, right?
RT @onlxn: RYAN: If I'm placating, why do people chant that I suck at your rallies? TRUMP: You're playing games. I'm NOT saying you're any good at 'em
RT @onlxn: RYAN: I'm supporting you for-- TRUMP: "I placated it." Nope. Nuts! RYAN: TRUMP: But "placation" makes sense. A vacation where you play
RT @onlxn: RYAN: I want you to win! I'm still endorsing you! TRUMP: Just to placate the base. (silence) TRUMP: Placate's a word? "Placate." Sounds nuts
RT @PentChamber: Our next Business after Business event is on the 3rd of November at BMO Nesbitt Burns. Don't forget to update...
RT @ZacCrueger: my uncle got a drone now he's fucking with people😂😂😂
🔸Wow ! Would you look at Ashley Nesbitt, a soon to be nursing major !! Let's welcome her !! @ashley_nesbitt3 🔹
RT @WTIntramurals: Great WIN this weekend @WTAMUFootball @Coach_Nesbitt and others! That a boy @mrbenarbuckle! #stayhumble #wtamu…
The city of Cleveland is on fire right now. Gotta be
RT @calebjackson598: You can't see the wind, but it blows. You can't see the oxygen, but you breathe. You can't see God, but He's real and he works!
RT @AlexMill20: Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. -Phil 4:6
Is it worth it