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RT @BBCBreaking: #AE17 latest: • UUP leader Mike Nesbitt resigns • Increase in Sinn Féin support • DUP likely to be biggest party…
@Tennisratings @JayJarrahi yeah I saw the 1st series with Nesbitt (that was really creepy but excellent) but I missed the 2nd series.
RT @IrishInstitute: Watch Pete Shirlow on @itvnews analysing the #NorthernIreland Assembly elections with @PaulClark_UTV & @KenReid_utv
Boy by Nina Nesbitt is #nowplaying in Vera's On The Drive, Vancouver.
RT @IrishInstitute: Watch Pete Shirlow on @itvnews analysing the #NorthernIreland Assembly elections with @PaulClark_UTV & @KenReid_utv
@EleanorFitz No small task but what a fascinating subject. LOVE Nesbitt - even wrote about her and Fabians for LC history (some time ago...)
Mary Nesbitt Larking you are such a brave person for witnessing these atrocities, when I feel ready I will join...
@EleanorFitz Thanks for the RT Eleanor - a very exciting job. I hope the E Nesbitt bio is progressing well, am awaiting very eagerly!
@Dr_Horse92 a whole crate? A barrel? Can there be a dwarf in the barrel? A Kili dwarf or a Thorin dwarf. Or a James Nesbitt dwarf. 😊😊😊😊
Nina Nesbitt - Selfies
@JayJarrahi you definitely need to watch that - season 1 featuring James Nesbitt was very good, season 2 (Keeley Hawes) unbeatable...
@ninanesbitt And we want new Nina Nesbitt music out now!
Thinking of our wonderful times Bobby Nesbitt...thanks for the memories Vidal
RT @kenzie_duran123: get yourself a boy who's proud you're his girl and he shows you off to prove it.
The Magnolia Special Nesbitt Transforms Vintage Convertible … : .,,
RT @gwiizzlee: telling a person how important they are to you is one of the best things you can do for them
@Nagle__Bagel liberal media please report on that !
@Shavontae20 crude little boy , shame !