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RT @p_bogesdorfer15: The fifty shades soundtracks are always so good 👌🏼
my mom apparently secretly knows how to use her snapchat & watches my story all the time 😂😂😂
@ashleymcgall Get a radio flyer wagon and take her down nesbitt ln
Kept out: Loophole in law for the poor spurs gentrification via @nhregister
@nesbitt_joao Ai, tenho coragem de usar de novo não, deus me livre
End competition now and give Justin Bieber the gold for “Despacito” appearing in every single Olympic ice skating mashup.
@Limattheus_ Tá louca bicha kkkkk ngm precisa saber q vc jogou fora kkkkkkkkkk 400 reias e muito dinheiro
@nesbitt_joao Deus me livre, joguei fora, 400 REAIS jogado fora
@Limattheus_ Lava com álcool kkkk e depois sabão
@nesbitt_joao Viado, a tampa do vaso estava aberta, ai fui tirar da caixinha e ele caiu bateu na tampa e foi direto pro vaso, essa buceta af
@Limattheus_ Ata kkkkkkkkkkkk, do dente kkkkkkk q susto
@Limattheus_ Seu cel ? Kkkk viado como assim
We are 2 weeks away from the 2018 @ManitobaGames Winter Games Opening Ceremonies which is happening Sunday March 4t…
RT @sleddogwatchdog: @wendy_nesbitt @CBCOlympics @CBC @WhistlerSledDog @CBC is always pushing for the dog mushing industry have no idea…
I added a video to a @YouTube playlist Nina Nesbitt - Somebody Special (Official Audio)
RT @Jesushuh: My chihuahua is 15 years old and fat so he gets tired fast on short walks. I bought a chest strap so he can still k…
@BruceMcCurdy When doing player grades, please do not quote Drew Remenda. It cheapens the article and loses all credibility.
Nesbitt fills a much needed role at CB. Once he learns the system he should be a starter in no time
Tô de boa, mas confiança tá 0%
RT @sleddogwatchdog: @wendy_nesbitt @CBCOlympics @CBC @WhistlerSledDog @CBC is always pushing for the dog mushing industry have no idea…