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Cnvido News flash #Trump, You're the puppet. #Russia News flash #Trump, You're the puppet. #Russia — Christine Vidovich (Cnvido) December…
RT @JokesJournal #SchoolHumor: "Christine," said the math teacher, "I want to give you a little problem..." #jokes
RT @Lawless_u: Like, follow and retweet for a chance to win your very own personal catgirl(boy)! #giveaway
RT @ja_rene_: A date can be $10.. The point of a date is to enjoy each others company. Y'all so materialistic and want something to post for social media
RT @airliftedd: Talk is cheap, actions are priceless.
@mu_pt_Erik 네! 마에스트로의 머리를 닮았어요. :D
ready for test! (with Christine at FKIP UKI) —
RT @christine_art2: Repost from @CreativeDebuts ,limited edition print by Christine Jamil from our Print Store _ £35 for a signed copy,…
@Cupcakeeenvy @Miguell_12 @peta holy fuck peta is stupid af. You the real MVP Christine 👏🏻
@Christine_TSR 진짜 스키는 안잊어버릴꺼같아..잊어버릴수가없어ㅋㄱㅋ
It's kind of nasty when you refer to yourself that way, Christine. @CDownsBotwick
RT @PastPostcard: Dear Gran We have had a nice time in Ireland. Geraldine got a boyfriend but I didn't. Christine
Action shot of Christine throwing a hatchet! #socialthrowdown @ Stumpy's Hatchet House
RT @silphyd: 지금 일본 방송에 차기 대선 후보 사진과 별명, 일본에 대한 입장이 쓰여있음 반기문: 장어-다소 친일 문재인: 한국의 힐러리- 다소 반일 이재명: 한국의 트럼프- 반일
RT @alphamaxtracks: #movies Christine was released on 9 December 1983 - 33 years ago today
RT @carlyincontro: i just tried to get christine to come give @BruceWiegner a lap dance for his bday but she won't :/
RT @abigail_99_: Christine Sydelko originally "Fat Girl" for Barbra Streisand, but Barbra insisted she keep the song because "it was…
RT @adagio_sss: 돼지무니 에피소드 1. 산책나갈때 가끔 마주치는 분들이 '어머 돼지예요? 물어봄 2. 전에 어떤 아저씨가 '이야~ 개처럼 생겼네~'하심 3. 처음간 병원에서 간호사선생님이 돼지인줄알고 저희병원 돼지는 진료안…
On this day in 1983 "Christine" directed by John Carpenter was premiered in theatres.