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hindi niyo maaaring pigilan si tyron sa paglapit kay christine!! mga gunggong. #CNYPRegrets
#AppParse Power Game - Christine Feehan - #1 New York Times bestselling author Christine Feehan is “one of the ...
Christine really doesn't have to go to school bc it's "too cold"
RT @noveliciouss: Very few #writers know what they are doing until they've done it. ANNE LAMOTT #amwriting #Art Christine Ellger
Vc n merece 1% do amor q eu te dei
RT @lurker_beauty: Totoo pala talagang stage 2 na liver cancer ni Christine huhu #CNYPRegrets
@indianalytics I feel more poor now that I'm a doctor
You Will Never Find Work-Life Balance via @HPLifestyle
RT @GemmaRebaca: Paalisin mo sya Christine trydor yan #CNYPRegrets KapusoBrigade
RT @17CharmChamz: Liver cancer sakit ni christine.. 😭 #CNYPRegrets
RT @GemmaRebaca: Iniiwasan nila si thyron kau Christine #CNYPRegrets KapusoBrigade
RT @GemmaRebaca: Nag tataka walang access kay Christine #CNYPRegrets KapusoBrigade
I just reviewed Power Game by Christine Feehan. #NetGalley
RT @GemmaRebaca: Sana maka tagpo ng kakampi si Christine #CNYPRegrets KapusoBrigade
RT @GemmaRebaca: San mahuli ni thyron mga kalokohan ng mga tao ni Christine #CNYPRegrets KapusoBrigade
RT @GemmaRebaca: Nilagyan ba naman ng gamot ang inumin nk Christine #CNYPRegrets KapusoBrigade
RT @GemmaRebaca: Sana mag ka balikan na sila ni Christine #CNYPRegrets KapusoBrigade
RT @GemmaRebaca: Ini unti unti nilang nilagyan nga sakit so Christine #CNYPRegrets KapusoBrigade
RT @SteveBroach: Hope this guide helps local authorities - and families who need short breaks - to understand and apply the law
Pedophiles and prostitutes, the last thing Christine Smith envisioned .. #Finders Keepers
Melhor embriagado do q iludido ne non?