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RT @revolution528: 昨天马来西亚前总理纳吉的“白手套”刘特佐接到美国法官的命令,要求他必须把豪华游艇交给美国。美国司法部正起诉刘特佐和纳吉的义子动用马来西亚主权基金“一马基金”进行巨额贪腐。
‘Girlfriend’ de Christine and the Queens: ¿un elegante y sensual “grower” o un funk impersonal? by…
RT @flexinlikwayne_: If she fuck with you after you hurt her, never question her loyalty..
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY LOVE/IDOL/ROLE MODEL @sierraboggess!!! You are such a gem to the Broadway world & I love you.…
RT @FengCongde: 不是中國、北韓民眾沒血性,而是共匪鎮壓太殘酷! 民主革命,呼喚 #兵變#民變兵變政變,事先具備 #六大共识
@venkatananth Freaknomics podcast. Recent series includes two great one on ones with Larry Summers and Christine Lagarde.
J'aime une vidéo @YouTube : "Christine and the Queens - Twist of Fate" à l'adresse
RT @radgiovanine: if anyone wants a ticket to christine sydelko’s tour in brooklyn on 6/30 please dm me! i now have something to do that day :(
Sinus maaien op ons erf, al meer die ermee zijn begonnen?
RT @AIFam16: Have an amazing birthday! Enjoy your day Mamu @dimog_emilia #ALDUBWelcomeHugs @niqujade @vinecare02 @NYLERAHC…
@aan__ Nama gw Christine tapi muslim kok. Wkwkk
OMG Alexia Christine! Italian is where it’s at babyyy.
I remember hearing some opinions about "Bernie Clifton's Dressing Room" calling it the best thing they did since "T…
@05_christine HAHAHAHAHA SHUT UP AKO 😂
RT @dhvanibshukla: Yeah rt if you’re from Texas and you still wanna see better gun laws
RT @angieskinner5: Making radio great again! Thank u Jimmy Christine @walkersmarine for the @SkinnerRoundUp #bloodymarysponsorship for…
브리타니한테 리바이 사이즈 물어보고 싶은데
RT @AIFam16: Have an amazing birthday! Enjoy your day Mamu @dimog_emilia #ALDUBWelcomeHugs @niqujade @vinecare02 @NYLERAHC…