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Go see "I Am Not Your Negro": "know your Baldwin via @mic
Rick Ross - Idols Become Rivals (feat. Chris Rock) (Birdman Diss) (Rather You Than Me) LISTEN LIVE HERE :
...Lord is my witness (Chris Rock vc)
Chris Rock almost ruined Rather You Than Me.
Listen to Rick Ross feat. Chris Rock - Idols Become Rivals here:
I liked a @YouTube video Rick Ross - Idols Become Rivals (feat. Chris Rock) (Birdman Diss) (Rather You Than
RT @ALcomBirmingham: Fans will have to lock up their cellphones at Chris Rock's concert in Birmingham
Smart move by Netflix. I think they are doing something with Chris Rock too. I'm all 👀👀👀
Dave Chappelle is our generations best comedian. No debate. Chris Rock too.
RT @MrGChristopher: And Chris Rock is on record saying he don't give one fuck about Generation Thinkpiece and will say what he wants
#chris rock no sex in the champagne fable 2 porn
#NowPlaying "Idols Become Rivals" by Rick Ross, Chris Rock in @TIDALHiFi
RT @ThatDudeMCFLY: Chris Rock could've played Donkey in Shrek.
RT @The9thKing: Top 5 comedians (this list may change): Eddy Murphy Richard Pryor Dave Chapelle/Chris Rock (tie) Jamie Foxx Kevin Hart
Watching Chris Rock Never Scared made me "miss" having an idiot president vs an idiot bigot puppet intolerant reality monster w tiny hands
@GymJohnFrank @585Conservative @realDonaldTrump I think Chris Rock is clever and he makes a point.
Chris Rock kein Sex Champagner Zimmer
where he just drops nigga like 10 times with chris rock on the table may god drop him just as many times thank u so much
ANYWAY that 40 minute comedian roundtable on youtube somewhere with ricky gervais louis ck someone else and chris rock
I learned when being in an argument with a female last thing they want is a solution" - Chris Rock
Chris Rock has comedy down to a science and he knows his stuff. Dave Chapelle, always has this natural funny conversational tone. Brilliant.
Should watch roundtables nd interviews of LouisCK and Chris Rock they both say things to each other that would seem…