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@bethanyrutter @rey_z yet more reasons why girls are the best.
@robyn_drury @rey_z omg these are so nice and that is so nice :,)
@robyn_drury ❤️❤️❤️ so glad you like them!
Beautiful @rey_z sent me flowers and my cold Monday heart is completely thawed <3
Can't believe I didn't save my Pokémon game. FFS
My mother told me I was rude and offensive when I said about the £5 & vegans. Well I find it offensive when people tell me what to post ✌🏻️
I think the book that really kind of woke me up a little bit when I was... #TomDrury #aphorisms
Hacked High School! Graduated a year early at a different school w/ extra credit w/ Regina Drury #podcast
FOOTBALL: Stamford boss Graham Drury reflects on a great save and great victory
@aspals Drury -v- BBC [2007], following Locabail (UK) Ltd v Bayfield Properties Ltd [2000]
#Brexit: "if there were any room for doubt as to which the right course was to adopt, doubt should be resolved in favour of recusal": Drury
Just played: Smiley Face - Lynn Drury - Sugar on the Floor(S/R)
@BBCDomC @DefenceGirl But does that satisfy the criteria for recusal if there is an "appearance" of bias? (Drury v BBC) Genuine question
Put off grieving; went into survival mode, until one of her girls made her own sandwich w/ Regina Drury #podcast
@Leestev1983 So Drury joins Ebbsfleet league below. Dunno if he's got previous with Allen? MA leaves Barnet for Eastleigh out the blue,why?
Sgt. Charles Robert Drury (Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps). Oct. 14, 1940.
What's better than our very own special blend of Drury #Coffee first thing on a Monday morning? Nothing, thats what…