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Chipper Jones 2002 third base Atlanta braves topps MLB 12 out of 30 series card
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*talking about chipper jones jersey "So is he still alive and playing for them or is he dead?" -@_elizabethj_
@kevinmccauley "Perpetually Sleep-deprived. Press Sec @NCGOP. Mama of #ChipperJones." She's also sleep deprived... and Chipper Jones' mom?
@jrspiegs also, the person who wrote that named her dog Chipper Jones. Not sure if that raises or lowers my (nonexistent) respect for her
@ParkerPons smoltz, chipper, Andruw jones, frenchy and Brian McCann. It was the team
@ClayTravis Kami Mueller is Chipper Jones mother according to her twitter page so all those laughing that she'll lose her job...she'll be ok
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@NYPost_Brazille fifth behind Chipper. 2-3-4-5 is Utley, Murphy (playing 3rd), Jones (in left) and Freeman. I gotta find a #1 and 6-9
@NYPost_Brazille he and Chipper Jones would be the 3-4 hitters in a Mets killer lineup
@SethDavisHoops @_andrewcarter apparently she is the mother of Chipper Jones according to her twitter page
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RT @Bryce_M_Smith: @DaubePrice heck yeah he is. Next chipper jones.
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@DaubePrice heck yeah he is. Next chipper jones.
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Dansby Swanson is the best thing that has happened to Atlanta since Chipper Jones.
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