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LOL poor Denis. Now Chiodos shit happened to AA
Skinny jeans and slouch beanies go a long way toward making me feel like myself again. Cue Chiodos and Saosin on shuffle, it's grocery time!
When you hear chiodos on @xopenmindx's snap story so now you have to listen to them 🙂
@chiodos @craigowens I want to be the chiodos full time drummer. How do I make this happen? For real.
Music I'm listening to that I didn't think I would again: Chiodos Isles & Glaciers Dance Gavin Dance
@iamMASKARADE love the album you did with @chiodos can't wait to add some Maskarade to the collection
Pandora is always playing Chiodos like i dont even like Chiodos that much but i guess
Notes in Constellations- Chiodos from the album Illuminado
Chiodos - Baby, You Wouldn't Last A Minute On The Creek via @YouTube
RT @ishihidari: 別に誰かを想像して言う話じゃないんだけど、ジジイの自撮りってだいたいなんか生々しい色味してるよね。アレは何だ。
So wtf chiodos another tour please
@ShyHoodieGirl Absolutely! Thursday, Brand New, TBS, Get Up Kids, Saves The Day, Circa Survive, Chiodos & PATD all have great titles.
@flexwedding just corrected me on how to properly spell "chiodos"
Chiodos - Flagpole Sitta (Harvey Danger cover)
people don't do this w/ just hentai, they do it with music too, like if u walk up to 2a metalhead and say ur favorite band is chiodos or w.e
Chiodos - Flagpole Sitta (Harvey Danger cover)
Es como una canción interminable de chiodos
my iPod from junior/senior year is 90% Chiodos
chiodos fucking kill it
Listening to this is like listening to two different Chiodos records at the same time
#NowPlaying Chiodos - Caves On Atlantic Rock #LetsRock