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@MineDaro19 @FishBowlOfWine @ManOfSkill don't mind this self condescending seeking ass attention piece of a bastard!!
@FishBowlOfWine however, I would have said that YOURE STUPID, but that would be insult to stupid people
@FishBowlOfWine so please tell us how better is your own life? U don't judge pple bcos u sin differently than em.
@Nee_Chingy on the contrary Bisola
Do people actually have sense in real life apart from this app?
@SubDeliveryMan @LeTiny_ what is with this letiny BIATCH? She's always curled up with one twitter drama or the other! Pls let her shift!
@GonBeRichForeva mehn I want to start watching vikings oh..... But glo will not let me flourish
Pullin' Me Back (Album Version) (Feat. Tyrese) (Album Version; Feat. Tyrese) by Chingy
RT @JesseL09au: Trump Just Removed White Supremacist Groups From Terror Watch Program... this can't be real?!!!
RT @Machakapuledi: When you give a cigarette boy R2 & he be like "Aooo groet man, General, Bra yaka, shooo Bosso". then you end up fee…
RT @cocosteaparty: The differences between the political coverage in Vogue and Teen Vogue right now is pretty stunning
RT @Phlyphinx97: This annoys me so much,like Marilize you can just reply to Sonja without involving all of us yaz😩
RT @FuxkSallieMae: Lol it amazes me how Nigerians can turn anything into a prayer point
The country I am from is useless!
Nachna ( नाचना ) - IRAJ & Chingy Ft. Neha Kakkar | Yama Buddha & Tony T
The country I live in is useless
This country is useless fah.... Around month end, like on the 30th/31st, phcn go just bring light whole day. Just so dey can bring bill!
RT @XolisaShook: She really should stop saying "the gag is"
@Boi_Mpedi babes I finished that season and I still ain't got a clue