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There is a place in #HongKong called Rednaxela Terrace. It’s named after an Alexander, but the Chinese sign writer wrote it right to left
Chinese sign up toddlers for chief executive classes
I was bored; I made #exo birthday, western&chinese sign + primal astrology details page; cause why not
@1nternazionale I couldn't care less if the Chinese sign these 2 and then a fullback after Erkin is offloaded.
Anyone know if sign language translates to all languages or do you learn english sign and Chinese sign???
@asadrana74 Are you testing me? I have no idea what my Chinese sign is. I'm sure you will tell me.
@FarzanaRasab by the way what is your Chinese sign?
@99September pretty hard to put a no-chinese sign at that park. Not much english spoken around here!
RT @PoLIS_Bath: Looking to study our MA Translation with Business Interpreting (Chinese) Sign up for our webinar in Sept:
Looking to study our MA Translation with Business Interpreting (Chinese) Sign up for our webinar in Sept:
#aldubnationunites Ask me for your Zodiac And Chinese sign compatibilities 😄👍 #askvico
Can't tell you how funny I find this since my Chinese sign is a goat.
What Chinese Sign Are You? #animals Are Important #symbols. What Is This Fella Doing? Check!
@WCAEurope @BigES13 if you can tell me the chinese sign for HOTS, i can give you some news^^ got a schedule but its in chinese
if you get a Chinese sign kill yourself.
Rosie: my chinese sign is horse like Rose: no its whoreseee Hahahaha fml
Chinese sign 'cop’ can expect abuse - Richmond to hire bylaw enforcement officer to 'educate' businesses -
He's legit 100% chinese, sign up with this boy
66- My star sign, chinese sign, numerology profile, everything I've ever looked up all mention ambition somehow. It gets annoying! :V
Chinese sign 'cop’ can expect abuse
Been researching 中国手语 recently, known as CSL (Chinese Sign Language) in English. Here's some introductory diagrams:
"You're a fire tiger" (my Chinese sign/the coolest thing anyone's ever said to me)
Irksome & Ironic that #folkes' anti- Chinese sign based on WWII poster of Japanese soldier. And his wife is Japanese
LMFAOO i swear all mixed white moms have the same haircut and a Chinese sign tattooed on the back of their neck
Chinese sign 'cop’ can expect abuse in #richmondbc