Chinese government: computer filter censorship

The content is via : photo shows a Chinese family that laughs while using the computer, but there is nothing to laugh with the plan to implement the Chinese government. The government has announced to all computer manufacturers worldwide, who from the first week of July, all computers for the Chinese market, should absolutely be prepared natively software that prevents access to Web sites banned by the regime.There are two options that have been made disposizine computer manufacturers. The first is to install the default program in computer operating systems and bundled with PCs, and the second is to provide the PC with the software CD with details of installation required for clients of the Chinese regime, or even The third alternative is to not submit to Chinese government and then abandon importation of computers in China. According to the manager of the hardware / software world, however, after a thorough examination of the software chosen by the government (a simple IP linked to the database containing all the banned sites), installation of PCs that could lead to safer malfunction of computers and especially the most vulnerable to virus attacks outside.Furthermore, it was considered that a more experienced user would put us only a few clicks to remove the blocked content and make them visible. The holder of the largest slice of the Chinese market for the sale of computers Hewlett-Packard, An American company, which said to be in continuous contact with the Government of the country to try to organize a round table, and better study the issue so as to be found upstream software that can meet the demands of consumers with respect view the privacy and security, and at the same time, observe the limits of government.With this move, certainly the democracy of the web is eliminated, because the Chinese regime has in his hands a very powerful tool to restrict the online activities of local users. According to the representatives of the Chinese government: "The purpose of the initiative is to protect young people from dangerous web content." A statement somewhat ambiguous. According Jinhui Computer System Engineering Co., developer and distributor of the software chosen by the Beijing government, the program "Green Dam Youth Escort"(This is the code name), serves to protect primarily from pornography and then by terrorist ideas. Dicutibile certainly a way to decide the fate of all Chinese people.View More ? Toshiba PA3420U-1BRS Toshiba PA3450U-1BRS Toshiba PA3451U-1BRS A1039 battery Apple A1057 battery Inspiron 640m battery Dell XPS M140 battery Dell Inspiron E1405 battery

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