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RT @flearinhakiedis: red hot chili peppers, caracas - venezuela, 2002 ✨
...Touche. But, yes, Chili Fries are the best~!
Master, tell me, have you ever led a kingdom through it's birth? Pap pap. I still wish to be dead permanently so…
RT @mileskahn: 1991 at Roseland - Nirvana opening for Pearl Jam opening for Chili Peppers.
@KateBrauning That sounds terrible, but I stan Jesse and if butter in my chili is what it takes, well buddy I'm buttering my chili too
RT @ImAngelaPowers: Hope to see you at the 34th annual KISS Country Chili CookOff is January 26th, 2019 at C.B. Smith Park in Pembroke…
RT @CaucasianJames: there should be a sprint lane on sidewalks i’m tired of people getting in my way when i’m in full stride on my way to chili’s
RT @4ngelNichole: Me: *holding my cup of chili* Wendy’s Employee: I’m sorry, did we forget something? Me:
RT @LiViBADD88: holding back is so not for me.. I hate not being able to completely be myself or give myself or show myself to peop…
Unpopular opinion: chili is gross. 😷
RT @51fini: Arrestato a Rimini un pakistano con 70 chili di marijuana 😢 una “risorsa” pure questa?
Un #seisme de magnitude 6,7 a secoué les maisons sur la côte chilienne, provoquant la panique et un avertissement a…
RT @UncleBlazer: @JohnGoblikon @Chilis Thanks J 😉 and thanks chili’s too cause why not
@isabelgtz83 @slowneon2 Chili doesn’t know what we’re talking about, she was prob still in the womb
fresh red chili peppers over again twitter disallows that and does not post the tweet to make the only one who likes to eat tortillas
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[INFO] 190121 | #EXO sont arrivés à l’aéroport SCL (Chili) pour retourner en Corée 🛫 🔹 Il n’a pas assez de preview…