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@badimo @badccvoid @asimo3089 There is a glitch with the volt bike were when you try to drive it flings you across…
@Go_On_Volt denzel ward went from a 79 to 84
RT @VOLTtoysReview: knocking Hamsters Toy, Volt Toys Review Video For Kids via @YouTube
knocking Hamsters Toy, Volt Toys Review Video For Kids via @YouTube
RT @Go_On_Volt: CaLvIn RiDlEy iS GoNnA bE ThE 90 OvEraLl HeRo VoLt, YoU aRe StuPiD iF YoU THiNk OtHeRwIsE. Welcome to the big, dum…
Mulle meeldis @YouTube video Bad Wolves - Zombie (Official Video) (
@Go_On_Volt Rip that was a good catch and run there kid is a baller
@Go_On_Volt @KliquidTV So, a 8-9 point upgrade for his amazing game would not have been out of the realm of possibility.
메리다 E-BIKE "CAMINO volt" 입니다. : 네이버 카페 (출처 : ★공항철도사람들★항공일자리,역세권부동산재테크,원룸오피스텔 | 네이버 카페)
@Go_On_Volt Or was it cuz he fumbled or dropped a touchdown?
@Go_On_Volt Why cuz he caught like a 15 yard pass?
@Go_On_Volt @sanfilti Okay, so 5 months from now. Lol
@Go_On_Volt Really should have been 84-85
The new @ChevyElectric pedestrian warning sound makes the Volt sound like a) an EDM song or b) a UFO…
@KliquidTV @sanfilti none? More than likely one of them with be a ROTY.
@Go_On_Volt For his performance I’d expect at LEAST an 84
@BBCWorld The police reconstruction was farcical. This is a stitch-up. They moved the bike off the road, removed al…
@sanfilti @Go_On_Volt None of the rookie premiere cards are going to “pay off.” That’s really not how the program i…
felt good to be back playing with my boy @VoLt_Prophet
@CRTGAMER1 @MikePhilbrick2 @KFIAM640 gonna have to teach people to use ocean water to make salt waqter batteries an…
@Go_On_Volt Barkley went from a 79 to 88
It's week 3 and he has an elite already. Patience.
@Go_On_Volt I was hoping he’d get more than a 77 to 81. That rookie premiere card isn’t paying off.