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RT @kirakiraohshima: 冒頭の籠池の話の攻勢を覆すほどのことは出来てないな、西田昌司。
RT @ZaraTwain: @franckcolas77 Bonjour cher ami:) Le temps nous rapproche:))
RT @IWJ_sokuhou: 【籠池氏証人喚問】9.次に自民党・西田昌司議員。西田「昭恵夫人に事情を聞いた。お付きの方は席を外したことはないと言っている」。籠池氏「それは事実と違っている。二人だったことは間違いない」。西田「都合のいいことを言っている。証明はできない」@iwakamiyasumi
RT @Tamsirooney: Donc L sera joue par un noir dans la version US de Death Note . Ca fait un peu cher comme remboursement de l'esclavage jtrouve
@cher preaching to the choir to me but those who aren't hearing will find out when they suddenly have no healthcare -- unfortunately...
RT @_Honeybelieber: Lindsey Lohan อยู่ภูเก็ตตตตตตตต นางเจอกับลิเดียที่แฟชั่นวีค ลิเดียเลยชวนมาเที่ยวไทย นางก็ใจง่ายเนอะ เค้าชวนมาก็มา5…
Meat Loaf - Dead Ringer For Love (Feat. Cher)
Half Breed. #classiccher #mgmnationalharbor #cher. I did the best I could with this clip…
RT @britneyvibes: 14. Cher's iconic Oscar dress. A fashion movement and a pop culture icon that inspired the drag queen fashion world.
@Kfish66621 @cher @howell_paulette @iamdoriana 🙇🙏🙇🙏🙇🙏🙇🙏🙇🙏🙇🙏🙇🙏🙇🙏🙇🙏🙇🙏
RT @isadoralms: to feliz pq depois de quarta a semana passa bem rapidinho
@mizraisow ha ha hajahaajaha vc me conhece! mas só pela petulância nao vou pagar coisa nimhuma pra ele. e sim mandei o meme da cher
@cher WE HEAR!!! THEY DONT 🤣🤣
I am Cher right now. Can I blame this week on bad lighting? #Clueless #metaphor #badweek
@cher the world should be so proud of u. Yes, u r more than a rich man. U r godness
RT @joefrancis: Amazon’s New ‘Outfit Compare’ Tool Is As Life-Changing As Cher’s ‘Clueless’ Closet #fashi…
RT @CanadiensMTL: .@BGALLY17 se met dans la peau de @natebeaulieu et confie à un partisan sa devise de vie. CHER NATE -> #GoHabsGo