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@Raakkun OMG, everything is important, Cher up 😚
Наконец выспалась и чувствую себя гораздо лучше.
@cher you made some little fans of yours so happy tonight
Ich will nicht sagen, dass meine heutige Frisur wild ist,aber sie hasst gerade alles: die Uhrzeit, die Sommerzeit & vor allem Cher im Radio!
@RTLFrance Un procès nous coûtera moins cher que la détention !
RT @VasiaRigou: "When I was little I told my mother I wanted to marry Cher. Little did I know I’d grow up to be Cher." #GetRainbowed
"Cher John" de Lasse Hallström, 06H45 sur Cine+ Emotion -
RT @AnneOcean: Si "goals" significa "metas", quiero que me la goals contra la pared bien durísimo.
omg ur fav 90s movies has cher horowitz and winona ryder???? how GROUNDBREAKING tell me more!
¿Habrá algún día en que no este haciendo tarea a estas horas en domingo en la noche? 🤔😩
Cher marchand de sable, je t'emmerde. Cordialement.
Être vert n’a pas à coûter cher : quelques solutions abordables
She might actually be dumber than Cher . Ashley Judd: 'Are Equal Rights In The Constitution?'
RT @chim_mashu1013: @cher_bts この方、共犯者じゃないかと… @BTSANTI3
RT @vaseline_shit: @do_p_cher 아... 저 팔로한 별빛분 중에 홍빈이랑 오버워치하시겠다고 오버워치하셨다가... 다이아 그마 찍으시고 영영 안돌아오심...
RT @ReIatableThings: my "fuck it" attitude is strong af
I ❤ you @cher Prayers for your Mom 🙇🙏💓
RT @j_s_okok: @cher_bts FF外からすいません! こちらも結構@AntiBTSJimin2を 支持したり 危ないので 是非 ブロックしてほしいです、、
Для начинающих водителей введены ограничения сроком на два года
RT @andreaabaaby: sooooo not feeling school tomorrow
RT @cher: This is how Elton & Bernie looked when We First hung out‼️ Bernie took me to daisy For lunch ,we had champagne 🙄