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Chemistry is you touching my mind and it setting my body on fire 😫🔥
RT @LaceyLou82: Ok good because they have some serious inappropriate chemistry if they are
RT @saaarahh_alexis: I feel like I'm the only wierdo who loves my chemistry work ☺
With a Chemistry worksheet, English reading, and a monologue yet to be complete, he goes to sleep with a subtle whisper, "I hate life."
RT @Matluthfi90: Yes Faiz Subri's kick was amazing. It defied physics. But Tamil films are whole new level bro. They defy physics, chemistry, biology
Chemistry is so much work 😅
When you have finals to study for and your break is watching #NashvilleCMT . The cast is amazing and the chemistry between Deyna!Oo lala😍
RT @SalmanDeepika: The only reason why I tolerate this channel is @VivianDsena01 You deserve better! Even wasting Vivian Rubina chemistry!
RT @tellychakkar: Who do you think has the best chemistry? RT for #DevSonakshi Like for #RishiTanu
そろそろグッズの発表がないかなぁ。 #CHEMISTRY #LIVE2017TWO
Unconventional chromatographic uses for #food . Yup. A growing list. #sustainability #pchem #chemistry
RT @TheFunnyWorId: How often do I make chemistry jokes? Periodically.
Everything around me gold like I just practiced alchemy I realized when it comes to girls That chemistry means way more than anatomy
I love organic chemistry😍😍
RT @soompi: “Tomorrow With You” Producer Praises Lee Je Hoon And Shin Min Ah For Their Amazing Chemistry
I had made a friend in chemistry and some bOy took her gotdam seat
RT @CoachMotto: Teams are built over time, they don't just appear. That's why as coaches, it is also our job to build that bond, that chemistry. – Coach K
I feel like I'm the only wierdo who loves my chemistry work ☺
RT @faithwithanf: Watching x files for the first time in forever and mulder and scully's chemistry is just so.. I'm ...
@mmeyer_2015 fair enough, I just don't think he's ever gonna be able to beat those two popular players out without improving OKC's chemistry
chemistry means way more than anatomy
What can I say the chemistry is just banging ❤️🎈
RT @JonRothstein: Maryland was overrated last season and underrated this season. The reason? Not valuing the importance of chemistry. This team has it.
RT @annikka_kim: Wala parin makakatalo sa chemistry ni Elmo Magalona at Janella Salvador - VJ Tippy