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The teams with the most contentious trades in the off-season are #1-2 in the league right now. Is it the unquantifiable "team chemistry"?
RT @Kate_Jenkins_: Tonight I learnt about carbon substitutes, sperm agility, atmospheric chemistry & complex placentas from some amazi…
My chemistry exam just ended so I bought myself a slice of red velvet cake (forgetting that I'm sick so apparently I can't taste anything 😩)
@KennethClayden @murshowlter it's the exact name of my chemistry teacher lmao
Dickinson State chemistry lab professor recovers after explosion - WDAY
RT @LucasWadley: Chemistry? More like chemisgiveup
Smh just pulled a Walter White. Did it for the beauty of the chemistry rather than the $$$. Smh smh.
RT @SamanneCurby: We got this crazy chemistry between us TuloyPaRin KISSMARC
RT @minodiary330: MINO-OKEY DOKEY(with ZICO) @ BLACK X MAS PARTY{24/12/15} MINO X ZICO is d best hiphop duo~chemistry overflowing😱😱👍…
[Continue] Bartender gave H2O to chemist 1 and gave H2O2 to chemist 2. If you are chemistry lover, you"ll understand 😁
RT @_AuroraRain_: Second teaser for #LegendOfTheBlueSea has released, OMG I'm loving it already... Their chemistry is amazing! 😍😍…
about to take a big L on this chemistry test🙂
Someone tell me why I took chemistry
When your chemistry class lets you bring a blanket every class > #TheyThoughtIWasKidding
5SC2's last day in chemistry lab ft the best chemistry teacher, Pn Thor ❤💙💚💛💜
RT @juliepardillo02: Wow. Pati c kenzo natamaan narin sa chemistry ng MayWard. ThankYouPBB ForMAYWARD
Kahit medyo nagaagawan sa bola si KD at Westbrook. May chemistry yung dalawa eh. 😩😩
RT @pbumeee: ใน SNSนี่ฮอตมากๆเลยนะ เรื่อง Bromance chemistry กับเพื่อนสนิทอย่าง "จีซู". แล้วในรายการ 아는 형님 จีซูก็บอกว่าเวลาไปบ้า…
RT @Muthead: We need an ability chemistry that allows defenders to pick up fumbles instead of rolling around on top of them for 5 seconds.
Nabibili ba ang chemistry. Ok lang Kasi hindi kailangan ng Marvoree. Hehe. JourneyTogether MARVOREE
@AUNZC1 lol they bouta get torched then everyone gonna have biased opinions on the Knicks off of one game..they iont got no chemistry rn
RT @OfVipersVenom: ❛ I am the Apex Predator. ❜ 〉Randy Orton 〉Not new to rp, restarting one last time 〉Literate 〉Ships with chemistry…
RIP chemistry objectives... :3 -_-
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