Cheap Playskool Step Start Walk 'n Ride

Best Price Playskool Step Start Walk 'n RideBy HasbroRating 3.5 Out of 5.0 Editorial ReviewIt's 2 toys in 1! As a sturdy, stable walker, the Step Start Walk 'n Ride toy helps babies learn to stand, take their first steps, and walk. As the grow older, it easily converts to a first ride-on toy! It has a locking mechanism that only parents can activate, so children can't change modes by themselves. Kids can explore the hands-on activities in both the walker and ride-on modes to see fascinating sights, hear silly sounds and touch interesting textures. Adult assembly requiredWhen little wobblers are bored with walls and sofa edges, and there's no one to offer a hand, they can two-foot it safely across that open ocean of living-room floor with the help of the Step Start walker. This dual-purpose toy acts as stable support as they learn to walk, then lets them roll along when they want to ride. Once they are secure on their legs, the walker converts easily to a first ride-on toy. (Only adults can operate the wheel-lock mechanism.) A flexible antenna, spinning drum, clicking gear, and other sight-touch-sound features provide sit-down play fun. Assembly requires a Phillips screwdriver. --Ava Natov

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RT @meguro_staff: 一時期ツイッターで話題になった「最初のデートで安いファミレスに行くのはどうなのか」ということをテーマにマンガを描きました。 よろしければ是非お読み下さいませ。 下記リンクよりお読み頂けます。…
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