Cheap dates

Go on cheap dates... not cheap but affordable dates
RT @JasmineeeSayss: Cheap dates are the best dates
Cheap dates are the best dates
im a lil tired of girls sayin they're happy with cheap dates but say no to me when im bout to give em dollar menu???? bitch u aint gotta lie
More perks: Sometimes I can be funny. Butt touches. Pizza. You don't have to try and impress me, let's go on cheap dates and save money!
Nah, love is nice shem. Like that it was simple/cheap dates mixed with the over the top stuff 😍😍😍
Lmao thoughtful ? This the easiest shit . Cheap dates 101
The Alternative Guide To Cheap Dates
@MONEY_TSA ion Fck around wit them cheap dates lol U gotta do better then that
Me: I'm already drunk Betty: yall are real cheap dates i love it