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@mssirsa What a speech
RT @Asadrehman44UR: #USfailureInAfghanistan s̾h̾a̾m̾e̾ o̾n̾ c̾h̾a̾w̾l̾a̾
RT @Asadrehman44UR: #USfailureInAfghanistan g̾e̾t̾ l̾o̾s̾t̾ c̾h̾a̾w̾l̾a̾....
RT @Asadrehman44UR: #USfailureInAfghanistan g̾e̾t̾ l̾o̾s̾t̾ c̾h̾a̾w̾l̾a̾....
RT @chawla_shravan: @chintskap lo ab ye duniya ka 8 va ajuba
RT @Asadrehman44UR: #USfailureInAfghanistan s̾h̾a̾m̾e̾ o̾n̾ c̾h̾a̾w̾l̾a̾
RT @TheEconomist: How to grow leather
Many Many Happy Returns Of The Day Ashish Chawla Bhaiya
RT @chawla_m_mridul: I'm Using Samsung from 10 years My S8+ Screen is broken today, Can you please help me to get it repaired without any cost @SamsungCanada
Mount Batur, located in the north eastern region of Bali widely known as Kintamani, is an active…
@mssirsa Judiciary can change the social justice , judges like Jagdeep Singh Sandhu do the justice for people
@shikha_8176 Great.. You all known we Juhi Chawla fans also did this common dp thing on her bday. This is great we…
@SarojShrnM @yadavtejashwi कुत्ता जब बैलगाड़ी के नीचे चलता है तो शायद उसे कहीं ये गुमान हो जाता है कि बैलगाड़ी को व…
In an urgent need of a long tight hug.
RT @SarojShrnM: #आप सावधान😁पटना के चारा,मिट्टी और मॉल में घोटाले करने के बाद दिल्ली के गद्दारो को उखाड फैकने के लिए गली,मुहल्ले और…
And I’ll be there for you  I’ll help you carry on  For it won’t be long  ‘Til I’m gonna need  Somebody to lean on.
@ColorsTV @Theniasharma Me.. I was watching #KKK8 for her only..😥😞
RT @DeepaAthlete: @TheSanjivKapoor @airvistara @SanjeevKapoor
RT @DeepaAthlete: Heartiest congratulations
@Theniasharma M really sad @Theniasharma 😥
Want to see yu more in #KKK8 @Theniasharma
Not again @Theniasharma...😞😥