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RT @AkiratsuneokA: これから始まるツアーが楽しみで不安だ…
SuMo is the girl you were friends with in pre k and she's hot now. But she's a bit of a chatty Charlie
@npt91 Hahahahaha! I may have to copyright my intellectual property...🕵🏻
@chatty_cath Often imitated, never duplicated. 😘😘😘
A chatty start to a content filled December! #Vlogmas
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@TheBustyWench Waves back and blows kisses - you are a constant chatty friend :-)
3:00 where ya at, I'm ready to get off work and head to Chatty 😎
RT @wired_jp: 犬と主人は、互いに見つめ合うことで、関係を強固にするホルモンのメカニズムを解放する。母親と新生児の間で起こるのと同じものだ。
@AndyTowle I hope he and Peter Thiel carve out time for a long, chatty brunch. Mimosas and fascism lite.
@JustinHaggerty we use double d appliance out of fairmont.
【必須!】留学経験者が教える!留学前に準備すべき4つのこと #Chatty #英会話
RT @Eli_Myles: Charlamagne a chatty patty
Lol it ain't about streams and sales cause that's chatty patty talk
@npt91 Hey, my airport q & a of August 2016 can never be duplicated.😉
Drunk me was very chatty and I don't remember it >.<
@uselesstat That's why I picked it. Classic. Timeless. The best.💕