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マックでは「ダブルクォーターパウンダー・チーズ」しか頼まないんだけどな。 だから「クォーターパウンダー」は撤退に追い込まれた(ITmedia ビジネスオンライン) - Yahoo!ニュース #Yahooニュース
RT @MAGAUSA1: Russia was the biggest wild goose chase ever @realDonaldTrump
RT @TypMcLovin: Chase A Check ,Never Chase A Bitch
RT @mswervo: Be with somebody who gone chase that 💰 with you 💯
The chase is on the walls and weren’t yelled at for it?
@JerseyAlGBP The NFL draft is next month
RT @K_Figgs96: "All men are the same" says women who chase after the same men 😂🤷‍♀️
RT @_mcmtay_: i will never chase anybody, lol foh
RT @RealTalkKim: You'll never have to chase what God has placed!
RT @miskeencore: my coworker keeps referring to black people here as african american because she's too nervous to say black but we…
New Maps May Help Chase Down Poachers Before They Strike
I'd like to understand the hatred of progress, but I'm too busy caught up in this paper chase
RT @ScottGShore: "Chase a check, never chase a bitch!" 🔊🎵can't stop playing this mix, FUCKING lethal @djwaliauk
plus Metro-North schedule changes; more Saw Mill Parkway bridge projects; Indian Point litigation ends and more...
RT @_mcmtay_: i will never chase anybody, lol foh
@goodson_chase @_Elliott_H_ I mean yeah I get you don't like dance ok that's your business but it's a sport so you can chill now
@vaniIIacola bio me chase 😩💯
RT @chihiroirina: You should NOT chase people. You're in heels.... madadapa ka lang. EDWARD TheKiligPrince
after seeing baby Chase, I briefly thought to myself, "Victoria would have been here about this time"...
why cant we pick the one who chase us?
RT @ForeverGipson: I only chase dreams
RT @_mcmtay_: i will never chase anybody, lol foh
Catching up on @CW_Arrow & discovered Chase is the bad guy. Now I can only watch in 10 min stints bc I am so sad.