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RT @BuzzFeedOz: 6. Mango Weis Bar -the BEST weis bar -that's pretty fucking good -mmm mmm mmm
weis vintage restroom partition hardware
walked into Weis @ 1:17AM to find a blacked out Heath and Drew buying 3 cans of chicken noodle soup, peach rings and black & milds
VOCÊ SABIA? Que o personagem Ted Mosby, de How I Met Your Mother, foi baseado no cidadão Otávio Weis?
RT @Dr_Huettl: @ffm_defenders Zum Glück saß ich da schon (oder noch, wer weis es genau) an der Hotelbar. #stvt41
『校長はこちらで 預からせてもらうよ』
@RubidiumCosplay @bl00dbride frag mal Jasmin. Ich weis nicht ob die mit dem auto fahren, wenn ja, würde es fast auf dem weg liegen
Rise of the a'Sara (A Song of Steel), by Larry X. Weis
Why is Florida letting Charlie Weis call their offense?
Really missin' March madness and state street at UK 😭😭 on the bright side GO CATS HELL YEAH 💙✊🏼
extraño mucho a Val
@F6NOiEY8IzobaNn 若干興味ありますね
Endlich Lustvoll Teil 2 - Mein Lustvolles Sexabenteuer - 1 Samstagmittag   Ich weis nicht wie... #Analsex
RT @ShelbieReal: Yes, I watched the new Beauty and the Beast two weekends in a row. And no, I am not ashamed crying both times because it's so amazing. 🌹💛🌹
RT @baefromtexas: yall wasn't on twitter when we had the favorites button
RT @barstoolsports: The owner of one of the most prolific scoring performances in NBA history takes a minute to speak with an aging fan
Lies of the Storm Wizard (A Song of Ice and Culture), by Larry Weis
RT @lSABABE: me when he's not texting back: whatever!!! when he texts back i won't reply so he'll see what it's like me as soo…