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@CharlesTrippy @AllieWes Where do Astronauts hang out? At a spacebar!
I didn't think when I got @CharlesTrippy to sign my arm in sharpie's not coming off...I'm stuck like…
@CharlesTrippy i hope you brought your winter jacket! It's suppose to be really cold today in Toronto lol!
@shaycarl 5 hour bus ride to be in the same room as your favourite vloggers! @katilette @CharlesTrippy 💕
Hey @CharlesTrippy I am trying to find that vlog where you went to that cool place & broke a bunch of glass I think you were in Australia?
@CharlesTrippy Some will have signs and others will be in white hazmat suits :)
@CharlesTrippy On Sunday between 1pm-3pm Keep any eye out for a large group of people marching down the street of Toronto :) Near Eaton Cnt.
@CharlesTrippy You seen this commercial yet? Seems like it would be right up your ally.
@CharlesTrippy I have always been curious are your parents divorced or are they still together?
@AllieWes @CharlesTrippy my boyfriend just paused the vlog and I had to share Allie's lovely pause face with you 😂😂…
@WeTheKings @CharlesTrippy I was wanting to know if you all ever though about putting your music on vinyl records? And keep up the good work
RT @CharlesTrippy: Does this work? Haha I had to add the Motörhead shirt 🙃
@CharlesTrippy @YouTube I hope you never have to explain yourself to people again. Be free and be in love, love it up. Much love bro.
I find it funny how you can attach to a YouTuber then watch them for 7 years running and still love and enjoy vlogs @CharlesTrippy @AllieWes
@CharlesTrippy you always said to be an f-ing dragon, why not make the dog one?
I got @CharlesTrippy to sign my arm, what a great experience ❤️
RT @CharlesTrippy: Does this work? Haha I had to add the Motörhead shirt 🙃