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RT @_little_britt_: So excited!! Make sure you go check out this album!! Great job guys!! @WeTheKings @CharlesTrippy @travisrclark
Really disappointed in the @streamys nominations. Hoping to see @CharlesTrippy @alliewess @Culligan27 @KatiePie7 in there somewhere. 😢
I leave for DC in 2 days and I just hope I randomly run into @CharlesTrippy! It's a all a girl wants.
@CharlesTrippy Uploaded a new Vlog! "20 YEAR OLD SODA! (8.29.16 - Day 2678)" Subscribe!
@CharlesTrippy Your dog really does know what you’re saying, and a brain scan shows how:
@CharlesTrippy next time Charles just use this website to find Crystal Pepsi
You will marry the most beautiful 👰🏼, @CharlesTrippy ❣I mean @AllieWes looks stunning in all of the dresses she tried on, right!? 😍
@CharlesTrippy he tells you who brought crystal pepsi back....
@CharlesTrippy @AllieWes I was drinking this while watching your video!!
@CharlesTrippy One lucky guy you are! We use Halti's with our pupparoos. They are AMAZING. Walks waaaay easier. And cruelty free to boot. 😀
I love looking at my phone & seeing #likes from my #favorite #Youtuber @CharlesTrippy it makes…
RT @CharlesTrippy: But it's ours ❤️ RT @britneygirard72: It's not a regular love story @CharlesTrippy and @AllieWes
@CharlesTrippy WOW. Your life sucks. LOL!!!!!
@CharlesTrippy was just down at Vinoy Park ... One of these days.