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Josh paid £80 for a pair of socks...
RT @GirlfriendNotes: Open for a surprise
@Xx_M3an おはようございます、???雄豚 めあくん。??✨さん! 今日も一日、頑張りましょうね!
Working for all of freshers 🙃 good one 👋🏻
RT @jade_michelle: Share this video of Laura Dern with her Emmy for eternal bliss and peace in your life
@lttxc おはようございます、ヒヨコ?自発中!!さん! 今日も一日、頑張りましょうね!
Actually don't remember the last time I wore skinny jeans, boyfriend/mom jeans and funky trousers are my life ✌🏻
RT @difchiapas: Una sociedad más humana es posible, gracias a las personas que se han sumado para ayudar a las familias afectadas…
She actually needs to be off the road she's such a danger to people
@michelepars_ Thursday night? Me you and charl what you saying ;)
Charl Schwartzel: Finishes T27 at Conway Farms -
Didn't even realize I was steaminggggg till I was debating my gender in Maccies loo's
RT @cocopetite_: How can anyone find #100yearolddrivers funny? It's beyond dangerous to have such poor awareness behind the wheel. Irresponsibility isn't ok.
RT @isobelevansz: Could ask 20 different people for advice and they could all tell me the same thing but best believe I'd still do the opposite 😂
RT @MusharafAsghar: I am now officially 21 YEARS OLD! Which means 5 YEARS AGO I was on Educating Yorkshire! Forever thankful for the lo…
@alexhsif Same😭
@YupThatExist @Charl_Ruston @holly_skelton
@GravPa Ufft will show him
RT @katherine_wh: Tip for all boys ever when spooning a girl DONT put ur hand on her belly just don't do it or she'll have to breathe in until she dies
RT @CurlThot: Yea baby, I know Japanese. You 乇乂ㄒ尺卂 ㄒ卄丨匚匚
RT @ronflexzer: Quand elle fouille ton sac et elle trouve une capote
RT @hanbradburyxxx: Don't trust no body who doesn't like bohemian rhapsody
RT @ProblemticBitch: Jfais un feat avec Vitaa
RT @lowri_rees_owen: Could do with a mayo chicken or 9