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just want people to stop babying me 🙄🖕🏼
@Macauleyyy17 Iv looked at it and just stared not even knowing what to do.. deffos gona fail
RT @krnoutz: 「J a p a n i z i n g B e a m !」 とかいう技が海外で流行ってるらしいです。。
@charl_trodden I tried to start it today didn't do anything lmao
RT @Hiroki_PLT: @Hiroki_PLT 寝る時間なので続きは明日、仕事が終わってから
RT @sanduki: 旅行会社てるみくらぶの話題で1番好きなレスはこれ
Turn 20 in just over two weeks. 😳
Bought my dvd copy of Fantastic Beasts and got given a FREE BOOK??
@TechCrunch @johnbiggs Alternative headline: Vegans soon to die of starvation
@shiero1371 おめ・。・明日なんか配られたら貰っといてほしいなの
RT @_YasminSuer: Charl and i started calling everyone babe for a joke and now it's just normal lol fukin ell
really am considering trying bootea🤔
First words that popped into my head when I saw this: "HELEN ZILLE". Did she never play that word association game…
Happy birthday charl! Hope your day has been faaaab💖xx @charlevansjones
RT @Thepparith: ห้างขอทอนตังค์เป็นลูกอม ขอถามคำเดียว กูจ่ายมึงเป็นลูกอมด้วยได้ใช่มั๊ย
Can't believe am going to fucking yoga hahahaha ney good for me this am the least calm person in the world 😂
@charl_trodden please dm for assistance in completing your assignment
RT @_ConnorM: Can you be attracted to food? because I think this is the best looking thing I've seen in a long time 😍