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Chantelle Connelly in Red Bikini in Tenerife #ChantelleConnelly
RT @simon_dukey: EXCLUSIVE: @ChantelleGShore says she regrets quitting Geordie Shore for a boy #GeordieShore…
Geordie Shore: Chantelle Connelly regrets quitting hit MTV show for love
@chaantelxo Hey Chantelle, you can send us feedback via our HelpDesk - Thanks!
Check out some of my handmade chokers on my @depop page and follow me on there. Depop - Chantelle Coco 👗💖
EXCLUSIVE: @ChantelleGShore says she regrets quitting Geordie Shore for a boy #GeordieShore
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RT @lgbtchalla: I'm never watching Chantelle's story ever again
On Show Saturday 22 October from 14:00 -17:00 - Chantelle - RXCU - 12038. For more information contact Annemarie...
@Charlotte_M97 @natswanson_ not me char, Natalie, chantelle was basically sober last night x
Congratulations to #MidlandsYoungDesignerAwards2016 runner-up Chantelle Cassidy on her great success!…
@HughDrizzyOvO chantelle porterait tu dirais rien j'suis sûr mais breffff c toi qui dérange, i'm out
@girltartanscarf Thanks Chantelle! I'm so glad I finally got it! It did hurt a lot though 😬🙈 X
RT @lenaychantelle: Check out this (made by @ lenay_chantelle with @musicallyapp) #Sia
>>RT 帰還石のCT減ってたのか。ちょいちょい使ってはいたけど、全然気づいてなかった・・・。(*'-')
RT @ToS_sokuhou: 【Tree of Savior】帰還石のCT減ったの認知されてなさすぎない? →→→ #ToSJP #ToS
Chantelle 😭
Customer saitisfaction is fundamental to any consumer-based company, if your customer's arent happy, they'll go elsewhere @nsandihelp
Why do companies insist on communicating by post, so archaic. If I can't do it online, I'm not interested #RulesofEngagement #millennials