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@Chantelle___Lou Have you listened to white flag yet??
RT @Imperial_SaGa: サガ公式生放送に「インペリアル サガ」の奥州Pも出演いたします。 ぜひお楽しみに! #インサガ
@GiAstbury literally just showed up on my timeline so I’m taking it as a sign
Time has a way of slipping through your fingers now, making it... More for Pisces
So Theresa May cancelled a vote because it wasn’t going her way, that sounds oddly like something a dictator would…
@rubylipcurvyhip Hi Chantelle, Sending you a DM on this. Thanks, Neil
Wednesday and we have the following girls available: Tam 🇺🇸 Selena 🇪🇸 Riley 🇦🇺 Layla 🇦🇺 Chantelle 🇧🇷 Aria 🇦🇺 & Shasha 🇮🇳 😘☎️ 9568 2362
The news is shit this morning so I’m just gonna think about how great boobs are instead 🤷🏻‍♀️
22 a month today, think I’ve finally realised the age where you stop getting excited for birthdays
RT @CombatantsMTG: We had a super special guest for this week's episode! You mighty say they won't leave any linguining doubts about T…
BONNE FETE ! aux Chantal, Marie Chantal, Chantelle, Corentin, Corentine, Corentino, Kaour ...…
@zujeyht_ @Chantelle__15 Tu pendeja, los dos todos asqerosos
Blind loyalty serves no one. Before you commit to anything at ... More for Taurus
@Altern8rv Not wrong there Chantelle 👍👍👍
My Fitness Routine: Boxer-Bartender Chantelle Gabino Takes Toronto - GQ Magazine
RT @thedomygod: The most awaited comeback of the year: KPOP BONGO CAT #2
RT @elouisefxo: Asked Chantelle to stab an earring into my spot to burst it and she replied “Emma I don’t like things being inserte…