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RT @JeanMarchand22: Cheering like crazy from Montreal!! Huge hugs and much love to all of you! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️@MelanieScrofano @realtimrozon…
RT @Mz_okikiola: The pussy is never Yours. It's just your turn with it!
RT @cheche_babe: Welcome to Abia state! This is the conditions in which the indigenes of Abia state are living in. No infrastructure…
RT @Biisi96: Remember when our parents told us not to talk to strangers, well look at us on Twitter everyday 😂.
RT @geezythedaddy_: if your girlfriend doesn't drive you crazy you have the wrong girl fam
@Chantel_Fenton I have a bag full already! 🤗
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RT @PearlKosi: this is my cousin. this bitch will come back an hour later with everything & more! 😂🕵🏾‍♀️
my heart is aching😭😭
RT @Bazzy03: Guys I cartoon pictures at affordable prices. Rt for rihanna FAV for Nicki Minaj
RT @chemicalbrodar: Banky married Adesua and since then he’s been making mad positive moves. I’m not saying anything o but The Bible sa…
RT @lesleyxsanchez: I don’t care if we on good terms or not, the secrets and insecurities you shared with me would never leave my mouth.
@MazzaIeen @dheMechanic When I said guys are supposed to be wearing pants, they thought 💭 I was joking 😜, now just see🤦‍♀️
RT @TheBluntDoctor6: me acting surprised after being played when I already knew what i was getting myself into
RT @zoey_cook_: PSA: I DO NOT care how many blankets I have, I will always be thrilled when receiving a blanket as a gift. I want infinite comfort items
RT @stella_schoeman: #PCAS @WynonnaEarp We did it #Earpers that how you #Earp it girls and boys🍻🌮 @MelanieScrofano @DominiqueP_C…