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RT @JahkingGuillory: don't ignore your sad friends...
RT @TrillxLove: One conversation could fix so many problems just by listening to each other and being honest, but niggas always thi…
RT @itsgorob: College will really have you cool with a person without knowing they name the whole semester g 😂
RT @TheSun: Couple fall ill at Prezzo restaurant just 300m from Skripal poisoning probe
RT @TheSunTV: Who is Dalton Harris? X Factor 2018 contestant and performer from Jamaica
RT @theonlyreal1ne: We older now . Speak on how you feel so we can fix it or keep it moving 🗣
RT @JahkingGuillory: the jealousy is hidden in the “jokes” ..
RT @GreenKenlee: rt if your boyfriend is a brat
RT @MikeMike_7: @lyallr Mean while My niece trying to wave “bye” and almost lost her life😭❤️ #Beezee
RT @0fficialzay: I want that Jada & that Will love
That bathing suit is so pretty
RT @AlliyahEverett: this was justin in his prime fr😩
10 TD’s through two weeks for Annoying Chantel’s brother. #90DayFiance
RT @NathanGrisdale: Wow thanks guys I didn’t expect this reaction god bless!! Make sure you all watch tomorrow night ❤️❤️
RT @gayshawnmendes: me driving through coconut maII on mario kart
@NathanGrisdale OMFG IM SO PROUD OF YOU ON XFACTOR!! Fuck Robbie tour brilliant❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
@Chantel_Etoile @tsegpodcast Love love love! Hard to believe men to enjoy that level of concentrated sexiness
Young bitches taking over, you ain’t know?
RT @RolandChief1: “Who’s down for another round of shots” My dead ass:
It’s so hard to have a bomb relationship when your so busy.. you and your partner really have to be solid.