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I'm such a sweaty cat today! Running a chainsaw is hot work
RT @xx_xanadu1223: おはようございます( 'ω') 1鯖最終日、 ありとあらゆる意味で時間が足りません!! 遊び損ねたり会いそびれてる人がまだ… そんなわけで今日はアチコチ忙しくなりそうですが思いきり遊び倒して4鯖に戻ろうと思います٩(๑òωó๑)…
RT @IntEngineering: This special chainsaw helps with high spots and hard-to-reach places
@LordShaxxy @vantasoul She should be grateful you've waxed otherwise you could clog up that chainsaw!
Mario cutting down a Chinese Elm tree (Sept 2018) 📷: Nick #tree #trees #treeremoval
@IsaacsHauntedB House of 1000 Corpses Leatherface : Texas Chainsaw 3 Return to Salem's Lot
@Michael_Aiello IIRC Texas Chainsaw Massarce had very little gore too, I think the worst was Leatherface accidental…
RT @arcadiayeg: New in our fridge: @townsquarebrew Chainsaw for Hands Ginger & Rye Sour. #yeglocal #yegbeer #yeg
RT @rfolkard1: Watching butterflies Through a chainsaw dystopia Down where blood just meanders Past woodcutters and wristcutters W…
Anyone want a super early sneak peek of this spooky chainsaw song I’m working on??
@TC_Cornesto It was easier than I feared. And no chainsaw needed!
"Chainsaw and gently don't really go together in the same sentence well."
RT @suepritch: Looking forward to this - but if you catch me eyeing up a new chainsaw for the love of god stop me > Fair Play for…
RT @caliskan_burak: Realistic Wooden Animals sculpted with a Chainsaw by Jürgen Lingl Rebetez #wood #sculpture #handmade #photography…
“Well fuck me gently with a chainsaw.” Cristina- Why are you quoting Heathers-
RT @LivnDeadGrl87: God, I hope she makes JT watch The Texas Chainsaw Massacre regularly. #horrormovies #Emmys2018 #jessicabiel
RT @horrorflickss: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974) Alternative posters.
('gift' my ass. Feels like a fucking chainsaw is shoved between your legs)
Day 04 - The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
@sitsoncornflake @vantasoul Vanessa would chainsaw my vagina to pieces!!!!
Do-Cut Sales & Service offers a huge selection of chainsaws for the home, farm, ranch, and professional, plus rescu…
ラララ…僕を哀れんで ラララ…綺麗な「    」 【MERRY CHAINSAW】